Sep 03

One of the applications that showed up high in the list of apps to be ported to 2.0 is categories. Well today i have good news. Bigboss released Categories 2.00b via Cydia. For the people who don’t know what Categories is, i’ll explain briefly.
» Cydia – Categories beta released

Aug 26

So Zac White, the designer of OpenClip, has updated OpenClip’s site saying that the 2.1 firmware will break the current OpenClip method. OpenClip was an open source alternative to Copy and Paste on the iPhone between applications. Although there are some other options to make OpenClip work, they’re not as good as the first method, but still not that bad. » 2.1 firmware breaks OpenClip frameworks

Aug 16

All of us remember the Safari Download Plugin from the 1.1.4 firmware. This plugin allowed you to download supported files directly to your iPhone or iPod Touch from the internet. These files could then be taken off, or manipulated in other ways. Well, the improved Safari Download Plugin 2.0 has appeared in Cydia today, along with a BossPrefs toggle. » Cydia: Safari Download Plugin 2.0

Aug 15

MobileFinder is an amazing and cheap application available through the App Store. It allows you to wirelessly add files to your phone on the Media partition, like a jump drive. But, with a jailbroken iPhone and a little tweaking, this application becomes even better. Read more for information. » App Store: MobileFinder

Aug 14

TouchCmd is a new application available in Installer via the iSpazio Official source. It allows you to easily execute terminal commands without using MobileTerminal. This program is a lot easier to use than MobileTerminal, and is great when you have certain commands you execute a lot. » Installer: TouchCmd

Aug 11

Google Docs is one of those web application that I personally use a lot. Only 1 downside. You need to be connected to the internet to view and or edit them. MiGhtyDocs solves this problem. It syncs your documents to your iPhone for later offline viewing. This way you can always cary the latest version of your documents with you.
» App Store – MiGhtyDocs (offline google docs utility)

Aug 11

MagicPad is an application developed by Proximi Inc., and it features many amazing features, such as cute, copy, paste, and rich text editing. You can change font, font size, color, or add things like bold, italics, underline, or strikethrough. Read more for a full features. » App Store: MagicPad featuring Copy and Paste

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