Dec 20

remote-iphoneThe Re Remote Control is a universal remote control for the iPhone and it works via infrared. The device must be attached to the underside of the iPhone. The iPhone then transforms into a remote control. You don’t need Wi-Fi. The necessary application can be downloaded via the App Store for free.

» “Re Remote Control” Transforms iPhone In Remote Control

Dec 19

ClearPad_01Synaptics is the company behind the development of technologies like trackpads, touchscreens and other similar touch technology for Apple. Thanks to the iPhone, the touchscreen performance have become really good. Synaptics is already working on the next step in the touchscreen business. » New Touchscreen Technology: 10 Fingers At The Same Time

Dec 16

Toshiba announced that they have launched a 64 gigabyte (GB) embedded NAND flash memory module. The new chip offers 64GB on a single chip and will start mass production in the first quarter of 2010. » Could The Next iPod touch Have 128GB Flash Memory?

Dec 15


BoyGenius points to some sketchy evidence found in their browser logs that seems to suggest iPhone OS 3.1.3 and 4.0 are being used in the wild.

» iPhone OS 3.1.3 And OS 4.0 Used In The Wild?

Dec 12

payware-iphoneWe posted a topic about a payment system for the iPhone called ‘Square’ earlier this month. With the Square system you need to attach a reader to the headset connection of the iPhone. VeriFone has created a second solution called ‘PAYware Mobile’ and launched it this week. If you buy an iPhone via VeriFone you get the device for free with the iPhone.

» PAYware Mobile: Another Alternative To iPhone Payment System

Dec 11

IMG_0736Are you going to buy a Christmas tree? Well, if you do, than what are you going to use to decorate the tree? Are you a real iPhone fan? Than the following plexiglas iPhone icons may be the perfect decoration.

» iPhone Icons For The Christmas Tree

Dec 11

iphone pianoThe iPhone is more than a phone. You would probably agree. It’s more than a device to watch movies or listen to music. It’s more than a gaming device as well. I think you still agree. But is it more than everything offered in the App Store? An instrument for instance? Yenn Tiersen seems to think so and gathered 6 iPhones (all his?) and a beer to play “Comptine D’un Autre Été: L’après Midi” from the soundtrack from Amelie on a piano. Very well done.

» Play “Comptine D’un Autre Été: L’après Midi” On The iPhone

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