Sep 16

Firmware 2.1 has been released on Friday and solved a lot issues for the iPhone users.
While Apple has provided an official list of new features and fixes (see our previous post ), some users found already some undocumented changes in the latest firmware.
» iPhone 2.1: Additional features

Sep 15

i-FunBox is after iPhone PC Suite, iXfer and iPhone Manager the 4th file manager tool for the iPhone. i-Funbox can be used to up & download music or movie files, manage wallpapers, external hard disk or file manager where you can get access to the complete file system of the iPhone.

» i-FunBox: File browser for windows users

Sep 15

Cmw has posted an update regarding a new WinPwn that is compatible with the newest 2.1 firmware. It’s not much information, but it is better than no updates at all. At least we know he’s working on it. Full report inside. » WinPwn update

Sep 14

PhoneSaber, the app that displays an image of a lightsaber and uses the accelerometer so you can have battles with sound effects, was pulled from the App Store. But, it will now be returning to the App Store soon, with a new name and official backing. » PhoneSaber returning to the App Store

Sep 14

Podcaster is an app which can download Podcasts easily on your iPhone without the need of a computer. You don’t need to subscribe the podcast on iTunes, just use Podcaster to download the newest podcast directly.

» Podcaster denied entry to App Store

Sep 11

Recently, we did a post over the issues concerning the Blue Screen of Death when using iTunes 8 on a Vista machine. Well, a workaround has been discovered by someone on the Apple Discussions Forum over on Apple’s website. This process may or may not work for you, but there’s another method inside you can try if it fails. » Workaround for iTunes 8/Vista problems

Aug 24

Rip-Dev has once again update installer to version 4.0b6. This update fixes many bugs and also seems to make Installer work a bit faster. read on for all the new features. » Installer 4.0b6 released

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