Sep 22

Torrent Relay released a private beta of iTR. iTR will allow you to download torrents straight to your iPhone or iPod Touch and it will allow you to directly play the media you downloaded!. It’s even is possible to take a torrent-url from your desktop pc/mac onto your iPhone! iTR will continue to download your torrent while you are on the go. However as the app is webbased, i prefer to hold off untill we see a decent native torrent client.
» Torrent Relay (A webapp torrent downloader)

Sep 22

Normally, when my iPhone is syncing, it displays the Sync in Progress screen with the Slide to Cancel slider. Well, sometimes, my iPhone remains totally normal while it’s syncing. Just now, I was syncing Crash Bandicoot onto it, and the display remained normal, and my iPhone retained all functionality. The icon just appeared on the screen when it was finished syncing it. » iPhone display remains normal while syncing

Sep 21

Pangea Software, the creator of the iPhone games Enigmo, Cro-Mag Rally, and Billy Frontier, has announced that they will be bringing the 3D action-adventure game Budgdom 2 to the iPhone. » Bugdom 2 coming to iPhone

Sep 19

QuickPwn for windows has been released by the iphone-dev team! Find out what it supports inside. » Window QuickPwn 2.1 released.

Sep 19

An Australian iPhone user found out a hidden matrix code behind the rear plastic clamshell of his iphone while he was playing around with the night shot mode of his camcorder.
» Hidden matrix code on the iPhone 3G

Sep 18

Recently, many people have figured out that on the iPhone’s lock screen, where you can call an emergency number, you can actually dial any number, and it successfully goes through. We’ve also figured out that this feature/bug has been present since before even before 2.0. This could be taken as an extra feature or a bug. There are pros and cons to having this present. Full article inside. » iPhone “Emergency” calling allows calling for any number

Sep 16

iSpazio has the new version of SwirlyMMS that works on 2.0 and 2.1 firmware (as well the iPhone 3G). It’s a beta version and they say that maybe they will have the final in the AppStore. About the app, how to install and screenshots inside. » SwirlyMMS beta for iPhone/3G FW 2.0/2.1

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