Feb 05

apple rejected firmware 3.1.2We now know that Firmware 3.1.3 is made to stop people from jailbreaking, and ok.. they also fixed some small bugs. But we can still jailbreak when we downgrade to firmware 3.1.2 right? Well guess what… Apple has removed the digital signature for the firmware 3.1.2. » Apple Fights Jailbreakers

Feb 04

acutouch 9500 500x100 massage chair

HT-connect will release a AcuTouch 9500 Massage Chair in may that you can control with your iPhone. This will be the first Massage Chair that you can control with your iPhone using Bluetooth. » Control Your Massage Chair With Your iPhone

Feb 03

WARNING: Do not upgrade your device with Firmware 3.1.3 if you are a jailbreaker. Apple unexpectedly  released this new Firmware version that makes it impossible to jailbreak your iDevice. It also includes some bug fixes. » Jailbreakers Watch Out For Firmware 3.1.3!!

Feb 03

iphone 4g prototype logoEngadget is the one that was able to shoot some pictures of the iPad just the day before Steve Job introduced it. But what they didn’t noticed at first is that they also shoot a picture that “maybe” includes a prototype of the iPhone 4G. » iPhone 4G: Photo Peak

Jan 30

stolen iphone thief find my iphoneWhat will you do when your iPhone gets stolen? Well Sam form Los Angeles will do anything to get his iPhone Back, he used Google, AT&T, MobileMe, White Pages and ussearch.com to find out everything about his iPhone Thief, so he could get his iPhone back. » iPhone Thief Busted

Jan 28

fring iphone voipApple updated the terms of the SDK to allow VoIP calls over 3G. Sinds Apple changed the terms companies are creating VoIP apps fast. For example take a look at Fring, Fring allows you to make voice calls, video calls and chat using the 3G  network and Wi-Fi. Unfortunately not all network providers except you to use VoIP “yet”. » Fring: Make Voip Calls Over 3G

Jan 24

Earthquake Survivor thanks to the iphoneDan Woolley calls his iPhone a Life saver, because it helped him survive the earthquake in Haiti. He found himself trapped and injured, when the Haitian earthquake struck. The only thing he could reach was his iPhone. It took 65 hours before he was rescued. » Haiti Earthquake Survivor: Thanks To The iPhone

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