May 30

Just a short post. Below is a picture of the difference between the current iPhone and the possible new iPhone. Only the back can be seen. The current one has a shiny plastic back, while the new one will probably have a matte finish to the casing. We posted about a matte finish casing before.

» Comparison Of New And Current iPhone

May 28

230822-img_3909_425On the website of iphone-ticker, several pictures of the next generation iPhone have been posted. One of which is shown at the right. It is hard to tell what has changed, but at least the ear speaker is placed higher. It also looks like the silver ‘ring’ around the current iPhone will be just black on the new one. The higher placing of the ear speaker could indicate a bigger touch screen. There will probably also be more room for a front camera. Although the pictures look real, it is still unsure if these are real parts for the new upcoming iPhone.

» iPhone ’09 Bezel Revealed

May 26

iphone20091In the previous massage, iLounge claimed to have a digital rendition of the new  iPod Nano.  They also say something about the new iPhone. There will be two versions of 3G, two versions of enhanced 3G (3.5G / 3.75G), and two versions specially made for China. They will all have the same size and general design as the current model, but have a new back, made of less scratchable matte plastic. All three versions have been specifically designed to match the telecom systems. And ofcourse you have a choice to choose capacity and color of the iPhone.

May 23

France has sold 1 million iPhones, according to Orange. To celebrate this milestone, Orange gives free access to the Roland-Garros iPhone application. You can watch the French Open with this application.

» iPhone Milestone In France

May 22

092533-32gb said, T-Mobile Austria briefly began advertising the new iPhone. The advertisement was quickly removed but stated that the new iPhone would have 32 GB of storage on board. Also, according to, Vodafone sent out an e-mail to companies who sell iPhones, to tell them the 16Gb iPhone has been marked “end of life” by their supplier. These new developements could be true and are consistent with other rumors.

» Advertising New iPhone Started?

May 21

Japanese Manufacturer Asahi Kasei is going to provide the magnetometer for the next iPhone, claims AppleInsider. They have based their claims on a header file, found in the latest OS 3.0 beta. Google’s mobile phone Android already has this feature on board. A small video clip, on how this feature looks like, is shown below.

» Magnetometer In Action

May 21


Push Notification, an important new feature that comes with the OS 3.0 software in June, is being tested in, as what Apple calles, a high-volume testing environment. A screenshot with details about the settings showed up.

» Details Of Push Notification

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