Aug 01

The Wall Street Journal Reports (subscription required) that the U.S. Federal Communications Commission has opened an inquiry into Apple’s rejection¬†of an official Google Voice application for the iPhone as well as the removal of numerous third-party applications offering Google Voice functionality. In particular, the FCC is interested in AT&T’s role in the decision-making process. » Google Voice iPhone Application Investigation

Aug 01

Apple finally responded to SMS security vulnerability. The news of the vulnerability quickly spreaded all around the world several days ago and was disclosed at Thursday’s Black Hat conference in Las Vegas. Reuters said hackers need no more then two weeks to build the software that can exploit this matter. And Apple now came with an answer. iPhone firmware 3.0.1 should close the leak. » SMS Security Vulnerability Secured With iPhone 3.0.1

Jul 31

230822-img_3909_425Back in May, an image of an “Apple iPhone 3Gen 2009” bezel appeared on Chinese parts supplier websites. This led many to believe that the new iPhone would adopt a slightly different design with a higher earpiece. As it turns out, it appears the part was real but mislabeled.

» iPhone Case Seems To Be For Creative’s Zii Egg

Jul 31

iphone-schadeWhat if you leave your iPhone on the seat of your car. You come back 15 minutes later, and find your car filled with smoke. You open the door and see your iPhone, totally destroyed by fire. Cause? The iPhone itself! It all happened to Pieter C., a guy from the Netherlands living in the Dutch city Leiden. He wants Apple or T-Mobile (the exclusive carrier for the iPhone in The Netherlands) to take responsibility, replace his iPhone and freeze his contract until he gets the new iPhone. But both refuse to take responsibility for the incident.

» Dutch iPhone 3G Catches Fire In Car

Jul 28

iphoneSDKBeta3.1Yesterday developers got access to the new iPhone OS 3.1 beta firmware. Today the previous beta firmware version expires, so it comes to no surprise Apple released the next version. Only developers with a payed developeraccount can download the new firmware. With this the official release date comes closer. The worldwide release of iPhone OS 3.1 is rumored to take place in September, the same month Apple will probably introduce new iPods and a much rumored Mac Tablet.

» iPhone OS 3.1 Beta Available For Developers

Jul 26

techcakes_iphone_07Are you a developer or do you plan to become a developer? Then you need to know how to promote your app. For the professional developers, this is not new. But the list of tips can still be handy, especially for amateur developers. On timcascio there’s a post that gives you 50 tips on how to make sure people notice you and your app. » Promote Your App 50 Times

Jul 25

tonchidot-camera2The L.A. Times reports that Apple will begin allowing developers access to the tools they need to produce augmented reality applications starting with upcoming iPhone OS 3.1. While there have been many impressive demos floating around showing the possibilities, these applications have used unpublished APIs which prevent them from being allowed on the App Store. » Augmented Reality To Come With iPhone OS 3.1

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