Sep 01
ophoneApple’s deal with China Unicom introduces the iPhone on the Chinese market, but there are companies who are not so happy with this deal. China Mobile has launched their flagship called the ‘OPhone’. Besides the name, the looks of this mobile device are very similar to that of the iPhone. The mobile market in China is much bigger than the market in the US, so it will be interesting how this competition unfolds.
Aug 29

hero-400x200We all know Snow Leopard is available for everybody since Friday. With all the new changes, there could be security changes that prevent people from jailbreaking their iPhone. But, says the Dev Team, don’t worry, the new Mac OS X won’t be a threat to the jailbroken iPhones. It is jailbreak safe, according to the Dev Team.

» Snow Leopard Poses No Threat To Jailbroken iPhones

Aug 29

broken-iphoneAfter all the different reports about iPhones exploding, Apple started an investigation. The results are in and it seems it’s not the battery that’s causing these problems. It’s the external pressure on the device that caused the explosions. » Apple Results On Exploding iPhone Investigation

Aug 28

Bing-Logo-White-249x193Microsoft has posted the Bing iPhone and Mac OS X SDK for developers to utilize, according to a post on the Bing Community Blog.

The Bing iPhone and Mac SDK is available for download on CodePlex, open source under the Microsoft Public License (MS-PL).

» Microsoft Offers Bing SDK To iPhone Developers

Aug 28

apple-logoAppleInsider reports about an new Apple patent. This patent describes how the homescreen can be changed depending where you are. This change will be automatic and can display local weather, time, maps and contacts based on the device’s location.

» Apple Patent Proposes Location Based iPhone Home Screens

Aug 26


Nokia plans to dump Symbian for Linux. This is part of a strategy to beat the iPhone, Reuters reports. Rumors say the N900 will be using Maemo Linux instead of the Symbian S60 interface and that it is part of a larger stragety that will replace Symbian on some or maybe all high-end Nokia smartphones in the near future. Next week’s Nokia World Show will probably show the first signs of this strategy.

» Nokia Wants To Beat iPhone With Linux

Aug 22

The Palm Pre and the iPhone look similar in appearance and can also do the same kind of stuff. Both have Maps, Twitter apps, a touchscreen and can be rotated to change the screen size. So how can you show those things in an ad? Precisely! Just make the same ad as what Apple did with the iPhone. Compare both ads below.

» Compare The Differences Between Palm Pre and iPhone

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