Nov 03

jailbroken_iphone_hacked_intro-266x400A Dutch hackers has shown the simplicity of an iPhone hack. Countless numbers of jailbroken devices were hacked by using a port scanning technique along with some networking smarts. After the guy gained access he saw that the jailbroken devices had unchanged root passwords along with SSH enabled. If you were hacked the following message popped up on your screen: » Dutch Guy Hacks Jailbroken iPhones

Nov 01

Extra Dashboard 1200x1200Dashboard on a Mac is a function that allows you to have widgets on your computer. Press F12 and the widgets show up. What if Dashboard becomes a feature on the iPhone? What would it look like? Ocean Observation created a Dashboard concept for the iPhone. » What Would Dashboard On The iPhone Look Like?

Oct 31

china iphoneThe iPhone has been officially launched in China yesterday. A few hundred people were waiting to get their hands on the iPhone, says Fortune. The first official iPhone was given to a person in Bejing at half past 6 in the evening local time.

» China: Big Row For iPhone

Oct 30

iphone for dummiesA lot of people post videos about funny things you can do with the iPhone. One of those things could be shooting your iPhone, scratching it with a nail or throwing it of a building to see how the iPhone reacts. Well if you think a real iPhone is too expansive to do such things with, then maybe the iPhone Dummy is something for you.
» iPhone Dummy For Fun

Oct 30


In just a few days the Motorola Droid will hit the market. Verizon has been marketing the phone for a few weeks now and launched several ads attacking the iPhone. The Droid is supposed to be the iPhone killer. But we’ve heard that before. So Engadget made a video showing the browser speeds of both phones.

» iPhone And Droid Browser Speed Tested

Oct 29

isamu_sanada_iphone_concept_2-150x100If you look at the style of the MacBooks and iMacs over the past couple of years, then you can see they’ve changed significantly. We now have the third iPhone already and next year there will ofcourse be fourth one. Isamu Sanada didn’t want to wait and started creating his own vision of the next iPhone. And what a beauty it is. » New iPhone Concept Design Looks Gorgeous

Oct 29

iphonecameraThe iPhone production will be 20% higher then before due to the holiday season. This probably leads to a shortage of CMOS camera sensors from the manufacturer OmniVision Technologies.

» Possible iPhone Camera Sensors Shortage Because Of Holiday Season

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