May 10

MooCowMusic band has just been released a day ago, and already the new instruments are popping up in the installer. I think that this app is going to be worth gold in a very short time.

The new instruments are actually very cool.
You now have a, Leadguitar, Rhytmguitar, Flute, ElectroBoard and a DaftBand (very very cool)
You can find them all in your installer.
» New instruments for MooCowMusic Band.

May 09

That the iPhone and iPod touch has proven itself to be one super device, one only has to look at the current list of apps already released without the official SDK.

One other thing that baffled me some time ago (before i had my own iPhone) was the iBand. iBand is a group of people who make music only whit there iPhones and iPod touches.

But what would they have been without the developers from MooCow? MooCow is the guy (Mark Terry) almost solely responsible for all the music instruments they play on there devices.

Today MooCow Music has outperformed himself again and released the MooCowMusic Band app.
I already posted some news regarding this super app, you can read about it here and here.

I installed it an boy it’s great. You have 7 instruments and an audience generator to start with.
» MoocowMusic band released!

May 06

I already informed you of the upcoming Moocow Music band app here.

Well i have some extra news for you.
The app is so powerfull that some beta-testers have started to create there own music instruments and i must say, they are looking very well.
It seems that this app has no limits if you look at what those guys already made.
» MoocowMusic band extra instruments

Apr 20

Guitarchords 0.8 is a nice program to learn your guitar chords.
As i’m not much of a guitar player anymore, there’s not much i can say about this app.

It’s handy if you quickly need to search how to play a certain note or chord.

» Learn your guitar chords with Guitarchords 0.8

Apr 01

I just found this new little app in the repository and i thought, let’s give it a go :)
To be honest, i don’t really know what this app does.
My best guess is that it trains you to hear specific chords, intervals and scales.

What i did understand from it:

It plays some intervals, chords or scales from a selected instrument. eg Piano, and then let’s you chose which one it is.

I think this app is handy for the people constantly working with music or the ones that would like to recognize some music parts better(but then again, I’m no musician, if anyone of the readers can explain me what it is, please do :) ).

What I can tell you about Herbert von Karajan is that it was a famous Austrian orchestra and opera conductor, one of the most renowned 20th century conductors.
for more information about Herbert von Karajan, see this page.

Now let’s go back to the app, i think this app was writen by someone who greatly admires Herbert von Karajan and who also loves classical music.

Let me explain via screens.

» Karajan music and Ear trainer

Mar 27

What if you could stream your music and video library from anywhere in the world?

Well now that’s possible with WinAmp Remote.

Winamp remote turns your pc in a audio and video streamer over the web.

Let me show you how to install this little proggy.

» Play your WinAmp library with your iPhone/iPod Touch

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