Feb 20

secure alpha-numeric iphone passwordYou can only secure your iPhone with a simple 4 digits password. For most of us that’s enough, but some of us just needs a alpha-numeric password to feel a little more secure. There is good news for those people, the folks over at 9to5mac just posted a way for iPhone and iPod touch users to secure your iPhone with a alpha-numeric key. » Alpha-Numeric Password For The iPhone & iPod

Feb 24

dashboardSteven Troughton is working on a new project again, this time it’s no longer stack but dashboard. I as
Dashboard is still in development but the demo looks promising. Dashboard is best to compare with the widgets of OsX and windows. Hit the break for the video.
» Cydia – Dashboard for iphone

Feb 12

img_0012Fiveirows is a new mod that will allow you to have five rows on your springboard. The package mod can be found via Cydia if you install the repository of Touch-Mania.com. Hit the break to see how your springboard looks when installed.
» Cydia – FiveIrows (5 rows of applications)

Feb 11

jasonmaskLock your doors, close the blinds, call your friends and tell theme to download the Friday The 13th Theme! Yup! There’s a theme especially made for Jason Voorhees. The night of Friday The 13th, to void the arrival of Jason, you may want to consider getting this theme :) Because he’ll be out and looking for ones without it ;) Click more to see some Screenshots of the Horror filled theme! Also, check out the new movie Friday The 13th coming out in theaters February 13th. » Cydia – Jason Theme

Dec 19

This theme is awesome! i love it! To me is has a retro, Metallic Theme to it, But it is simply amazing. I got rid of my Illuminated Theme for it, now that tells you how great this is. ;) It is almost a Complete theme, what that means is it not only changes the wallpapers, but some of the apps too, sadly it has no custom icons. :( Pictures inside! » Cydia – Tapir Out of the Blue (Theme)

Dec 04

FontSwap is a Cydia app that basically takes your iPhone’s/iPod Touch’s Default Font and replaces it with a Font of your choice. The one you see in the picture is called NeoTech. Now the only thing i don’t like about this app is that you can’t preview your font before you chose it, you have to install it, then re-spring ,and then you can see it. Overall i think this is worth getting :) To see how to get it read more inside. Photo inside too.
» Cydia – FontSwap

Nov 19

iMobileCinema is a powerful Safari plugin for playing internet videos on your iPhone or iPod touch. You can watch millions of videos on any podcast site or blogs with it. Install it and visit Google Video, Youtube, or any other sites via Safari.
» iMobileCinema: Flash support for Safari (jailbreak)

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