May 23

Some of you might have read the article from Jonathan Zdziarski where he states that all your personal data is still on the iPhone after you have restored to a new firmware.

For the people who haven’t read it i’ll quickly explain.
When you restore your iPhone through iTunes, all it does is a quick format.

This means that all your data is still on the iPhone although no longer in the partition table.
If you use Jonathan’s iPhone Forensics Toolkit, it’s not that hard to get all the data back in the open.
This means that all your pictures, e-mails, cookies, etc,etc are visible to the next person who is going to own your iPhone !
» Securely wipe your iPhone the guide !

May 20

Just a quick post to let you guys all know that Winpwn officialy got to version 1.0
I’ll be updating you all with screenshots and i’ll update my WinPwn guides asap.

The changes are :
– Completely rewritten installer app that adds support for nearly every package (Including Cydia)
– You are now able to remove items from installer
– Change logos without restoring. This was requested by a LOT of people
– Various Bug fixes & features

For now you can download the version via here or here.

Thanks to iPhoneFreakz member thabigboss !

Update: It seems that the current WinPwn guides are still correct.

May 09

DFU mode

iPhone HacksNo Comments »      Chris Eissens

I wrote a quick guide to getting your iPhone or iPod touch in to DFU mode.
Please check the post here if you ever need it.


May 06

This is a follow up on my previous posts of WinPwn See here .

Today i’m going to show you step by step how to create your own custom firmware with WinPwn.
» How to create your own firmware with WinPwn.(updated)

Apr 24

I already showed you how you can upload and download files to the iPhone via wi-fi connection.
For a recap, click here
Today i have something better, what if you could manage the files via your USB cable??
That would be sweet no ?
Well read on and i’ll show you exactly how….

To get this working, you will need some tools.

» Manage your iPhone files via Usb cable (windows)

Apr 12

I was planning to review BootNeuter together with the release of WinPwn.
But as it still hasn’t been released due to several little bugs that the developer want’s to fix, i will go ahead and review the BootNeuter app first.

I’ve had a lot of people who ask me, what is BootNeuter and why do i need it.

First let me explain what it does.

BootNeuter let’s you switch between bootloaders (for info about bootloader and baseband go here).

So why do i want to switch bootloader? Without going into to much technical details (if you’d like, we can talk about this, just drop me a mail), for improved Google Location and improved battery life if you’re running 1.1.3 or 1.1.4.

People who are running older firmware versions, should not upgrade to the BL 4.6

Ok now that we have that out of the way, let’s discuss this neutering thing.

What is neutering your bootloader?


» Upgrade or downgrade your bootloader with BootNeuter

Mar 30

I haven’t been able to post much as i have been busy with the creation of some SMS tones for the iPhone.

Some days ago friend came by and was complaining about the availability of sms-tones for the iPhone.
I promised him i would start working on it.
And now i can say i finaly figured it out.

The first demo is some star wars droid sound :) It does sound kinda nice. :)
» Custom iPhone SMS tones. (updated 31/3)

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