May 09

Discover Gameloft’s online social game you can play wherever you are, on both Facebook and your iPhone or iPad! With its fresh design and huge variety, Green Farm takes farming apps to the next level. Get addicted to farm life as you raise crops, trees and livestock. Access your existing Facebook farm or create a new one. Earn coins to buy a huge variety of seeds, animals and buildings to customize it! Visit your friends’ farms, ask them for help or even invite them to your farm to play mini-games together ‘till the cows come home! » Green Farm: Create Your Own Unique Farm

May 08

Immerse in an epic journey to save the balance of the world from chaos. Taking control of the Grove Keeper, the master of magic, accompanied by likable friends during his journey. Simple and easy to play by touching objects to cast magic. Outlast the enemies using your skillful control and witful strategy. » Grove Keeper – Spring: Defend Your Armies Using Your Skillful Control & Witful Strategy

May 07

Premier Polish game developer Vivid Games is once again illuminating the App Store with version 1.2 update to its immensely successful steady-hand game Neon Mania on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. “There have been over 40.000.000 neon signs illuminated by Neon Mania players since the game’s launch,” says Vivid Games president Remigiusz Koscielny, “and we want those avid sign makers to be able to tell their friends about their achievements and high scores. OpenFeint
integration into Neon Mania was the natural choice for letting the online world see those neon lights burning brightly!” » Neon Mania: OpenFeint Update & Free “Light” Version

May 06

Archetype Cadet HD is the FREE training ground for the best, most intense online FPS action from the world of Archetype. Engage in fast-paced, 5-on-5 team deathmatch battles to see if you have what it takes to survive and win. Archetype Cadet HD delivers a FREE high quality console-style FPS experience on iPhone or iPod touch. No gimmicks, just pure iPwnage in a fast, free serving of online deathmatch play. You will be assigned a numeric Cadet CombatTag rather than a custom Archetype Tag, and you cannot earn Ranks, EXP, Medals, or Achievements in Archetype Cadet HD play. There are no ads during gameplay, but there are ads in game menus. » Archetype Cadet HD: FPS Action iPad Game

May 05

A new brand of Drag n Drop block puzzle game lining up the same type of birds and making it disappear by the use of fingertip. Provides optimized system which sustains better flexibility and simplicity of movements in touch control than prior puzzle games on the market; in return, provides a quick action arcade puzzle anyone can enjoy. Birzzle is a very simple game which anyone can enjoy.  Simply gather the birds on the touch pad with your fingers and blow it up.
After a few levels and shortened time, Birzzle birds will speed up more and more. You’ll need faster finger movements!! Feel the pleasure of chain reactions caused by the use of special items which is created by gathering birds in an extreme situation. Birzzle’s gameplay is simple; however, the cute Birzzle birds will attract you into the game and will not allow you to ever lose interest. » Birzzle HD Now Also Available For iPad

May 04

Long long ago, at the edge of the world, there were some small islands scattered in the vast seas, there were a group of vikings who lived mainly on hunting and fishing. As the sun rose from the east and set in the west, strong and tall vikings and their families lived a happy and comfortable life. Just as modern humans are often disturbed by loathsome flies, mosquitoes, mice and bugs, the Vikings were also threatened by “pests” — dragons. As the dragons became stronger and stronger, the invasion by the dragons that can fly and breathe fire became increasingly fierce, and the Dragonkin soldiers and pterosaurs gradually occupied one island and another. The vikings retreated successively. Many people were forced to leave their home. Now the situation is very critical. There is only one village that was still resisting. If you don’t want to leave your home, then you take up arms and fight with the dragons. Although now you are not a hero, let yourself become the hero by defending your homeland through the baptism of battle and blood. While exterminating the dragons which are entrenched around other islands, simultaneously protect your village not taken over by the enemy. » Dragon Chaser: New Dragon Adventure Game By EasyTime

May 03

Yummy Bear is a physics based puzzle game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The game, developed by Muskedunder Interactive, is coming to the App Store soon. Until then, follow on Twitter and Facebook to stay updated! After the break you can check the Yummy Bear Trailer, looks like fun to me. » Yummy Bear Coming To The iPhone Soon

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