Apr 09

Now this is one of the old games that if didn’t add yet.

Solitaire is the well-known Klondike clone from windoze.
I must say, i do actually enjoy playing this game.

I waited to version 0.81 to install it, but i kinda wish i had it installed a bit earlier.
The game itself has a nice layout and works very well.
You just tap and drag the card that you want to move.

A nice little feature is the ability to change to any of the themes Chris has prepared for you in his repository.

» Klondike or iSolitair

Apr 08

Millionaire is one of my favorite iPhone games.
So i tried the update immediately when i saw it in my updates.

One big change is the fact that language questions and the app are now installable from different categories.
This makes it much easier to update questions and add languages.

I noticed 3 changes in the app of which 1 big and 2 small ones.

1. Now you can choose your language and (great i was waiting for this)
2. Some sounds have been changed (minor)
3. When you virtually call someone, the answer is now given in english instead of italian. (minor)

» Millionaire v0.7 released (updated to v0.72)

Apr 05

I’ve already discussed some emulators and today i’m going to review the Gameboy advance emu for the iPhone / iPod Touch.

I must say version 1.5.0 also works very well, sometimes the sound lags, but it’s really playable with soud.

I played Super Mario Advance and ok, when i looked back on my watch it was 2 hours later :)

There’s not very much to tell so let’s just jump to the installation and all the info you guys/girls wanna know.

» Play Gameboy Advance games on your iPhone/iPod Touch with gpSphone

Apr 05

I remember my Rubik’s Cube, i must have got this when i was still a little boy.

This was a very addicting game, that kept me busy for days and nights.

Well now i can relive my youth on my iPhone :) lol.

The guys from iSpazio have released a very own iPhone Rubik’s cube clone.
It’s open gl based and works pretty well.

I”ll explain with screenshots..
» Play Rubik’s Cube on your iPhone with iCube

Apr 03

I’ve already discussed some emulators but i haven’t yet talked about the NES emu for the iPhone / iPod Touch.

In contradiction to all my previous emulator reviews, this one actually works perfectly.

I just finished playing some Super Mario Bros3 ( a game i loved to play when i was a little kid), and damn this emu is good !!

There’s not very much to tell so let’s just jump to the installation and all the info you guys/girls wanna know.
» Play NES games on your iPhone

Apr 03

Let’s talk about a fun puzzle game.

ParckingLot is one of those games that can keep you busy for hours and hours as there are 40 levels!
The idea is very basic, you have your car (yellow beetle) that is blocked by other cars.

Your mission if you chose to accept it, is to get your car as fast as possible from the parckinglot.

You can accomplish this by moving the other cars.

The first level’s are really easy, but as further you go the more difficult it becomes.

Let’s have a look at the game shall we.
Let me explain via screens.

» ParckingLot 1.0

Apr 02

Zodttd released a new version of the psx4iphone emulator v0.2.0.

What’s new?

Zodttd added support for firmwares 1.1.3 and 1.1.4
He compiled it with saurik’s new toolchain. (speed improvement)
Fixed the detection of where frameskipping can be used during certain frames within a game.
Improved the dynamic recompiler code.
Moved the bios location to /var/mobile or root depending on the firmware/Media/ROMs/PSX/

» Playstation games on your iPhone with psx4iphone

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