Apr 22

I found a new game today in the installer.
It’s called TuxPuck and it’s a 3d hockey game.

The game is actually really old, but has recently been ported to the iPhone and iPod.

The goal of the game is to score as much points with your puck agains the computer.
It made me instantly think about the other hockey game I’ve already reviewed(see Airhockey).
But this version has much nicer graphics.
» TuxPuck v0.8.2 for the iPhone/iPod Touch

Apr 21

iMemory 0.4.1

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We just reviewed iMemory 0.4 over the weekend, but the developers have released an updated version.
What’s new ? If you save your score now, you won’t be named John Doe anymore.

In other words, they fixed the saving feature, now it will be your name in the high scores, too bad for John Doe.
What they haven’t changed yet is the pirate, let’s hope they will allow some sort of skinning with the next release.
» iMemory 0.4.1

Apr 20

Lexitron is the new TextTwist. The developer had to change the name due to legal mumbo-jumbo.
The game features are still the same, except for some improvements on the graphic side.

To say it in the developer’s words:

Lexitron is a fast-paced word game built around anagrams.
The object of the game is to find as many words as you can in the time limit, but be careful– if you fail to find at least one word that uses all of the six letters, the game is over and you can’t move on to the next level.

It’s actually really adictive, the only problem i can think off, is that it’s only working with english words .. maybee something for the developer to think about …

Let’s proceed to the screens.
» Lexitron 1.00 (TextTwist parent)

Apr 19

Our friends from We iPhone released another very addictive puzzle game.
It’s called Loo, and the goal of the game is to get your block in the little hole.

The game is exactly the same as Cubicman but has a much nicer graphics.

Like i said before, the game is really addictive and fun.

Let me just show you some screens.
» Loo(cube) 0.20 (chinese puzzle game) Cubicman

Apr 19

iMemory is the clasic game of turning two same tiles so you can remove them.
The game is not really special but it can keep you busy for some time, excellent when you have some time to spare in a waiting room.

Overall the game works, except for the function of saving your high score.
whatever score i had, the high score always stayed on the name of John Doe.

Let’s install it and have a look at the options
» iMemory 0.4 (the classic memory game)

Apr 17

Breaking news,

I just heared that Counterstrike has been ported to the iPhone.

Our friends from iPhoneCake have just released a counterstrike version for the iPhone.

The only problem is that the manual is in chinese.

But google is our friend so here we go
» Counterstrike ported to the iPhone/ iPod touch

Apr 16

Untill now there haven’t been any reviews for 3d shooters on iPhoneFreakz.com

today i have a little review for a game called rRootage.
rRootage is an abstract shooter, created by Kenta Cho and has already been ported to almost any platform you can imagine.
So now it’s iPhone/iPod touch time.

The goal of the game is very easy, blast your enemy into smithereens and stay as long as possible alive.
The game is a little abstract but if you see what the iPhone is capable off with this game, then i can’t hardly wait to see what the developers will be releasing in June.
» rRootage a 3d vertical shooter for the iPhone or iPod Touch

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