May 03

Tapnumber is a new game from our friends iSpazio.
The goal of the game is to tap the numbers as fast as possible starting with 1 and ending with the highest number.
You can chose a number of tiles, starting with 4 up to 144.
It’s actually a nice game to train your concentration, memory and hand-eye coordination.
» Tapnumber a iPhone memory game

May 02

I already discussed a similar game some time ago.
The name was Loo see this page for more information.

Today I’m going to shortly review the game Cubicman, the principle is the same as loo, you get a block and you need to place it onto the lighted field.

Cubicman is at version 0.0.2 for the moment and it has some nice features.
» Cubicman 0.0.2

Apr 29

It’s been a while since i reviewed any new game. And today i coincidence or not i found a new game in the installer.
It’s called Dactyl and the goal is simply to defuse bombs.
The game works by lighting up bombs in the color red, your goal (if you chose to accept it) is to defuse them asap.
To defuse them you simple tap on a bomb and it get’s defused.
The game itself is not that easy, the bombs go off in a really fast way, so a high concentration is needed to play this little game.
» New game. Dactyl defuse the bombs

Apr 29

Ispazio reported that one of my favorites games has been deleted.
Official news.

» Rip Millionaire app

Apr 26

I already wrote a small review about pool version 1.0 some time ago (you can read it here.

Today i found a update in my installer for Pool. It’s now on version2.0.

So what changed? A lot of things..

You can finally play with 2 players now, either agains the computer or against a friend (not yet over wireless :()
A ton of new options :
-The option to rotate the controls for the 2nd player.
– Choose 3 levels of difficulty
– 5 options for match length (1, 3, 5, 10, 15)
» Pool Version 2.0

Apr 25

TwistedFingers is a new game in installer.
It’s a finger version of the classic get hands and feet mixed up twister game.
The game has been developed for 4 fingers :). you can play it against yourself or ask a friend to play with you. One person must tap the blue color where the other is the red.
In essence the game is exactly the same as it’s big brother Twister. The first person must hold his finger in the blue circle, where then the 2nd person can put his first finger on to the red circle.
Then the first person has to put his 2nd finger onto the blue circle and then the 2nd again.
The game keeps on going untill you miss to tap your next circle.
» TwistedFingers a Twister clone

Apr 23

Demiforce was one of the first guys who publicly stated that he was going to release a game in the iTunes app store.
About a month ago he posted a video on youtube demoing his game.

Today he released a first demo version onto installer.

Let’s have a look.

This was the original youtube video he released some time ago.
» TrismDEMO 0.3.19 available to download

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