May 12

Pieces is a new game that got released on the iSpazio repo.
The game is a port of the old school 15′
You get a picture broken down in several pieces and it’s your goal to reorder the pieces it to it’s original state.
The game has a few pictures and it also has the option to change the pieces size.
» Pieces 1.0 a cool puzzle game

May 10

Kingdom lores is a 3D fantasy game created by MarcoGiorgini.
The game is still in alpha version and hasn’t been released in the installer yet.
It actually already looks very cool. the game doesn’t have much features for the moment, but you can already kill and die.
If you really like to play the alpha version, then you will have to manually install the app.
Download the zip file here.
» Kingdom Lores a 3D fantasy game for the iPhone and iPod

May 10

Raging thunder has been updated to version 0.7.1.

But what changed? I think they fixed a lot of bugs, as the game runs a bit smoother on my iPhone.
There’s still no sound though but we might get that with a next release. What i also noticed is that on the bottom of the screen it now shows demo.
» Raging thunder 0.7.1

May 09

aMaze is a new fun game released on the installer.
The goal of the game is identical to that other game i already discussed.
you need to guide your ball through the maze to the exit avoiding holes and skipping the obstacles.
I played this game for some minutes, and it does appeal me, however it has a big downside.
The game has about 79 levels where only the first 10 seem playable without registering.
All in all a nice game, but i don’t think you would like to pay 9$ for it.
» aMaze a old school tilting game

May 07

ParkingLot has been one of my favorite iPhone/iPod Touch games since it was released.

Today the developers released an update, and it has become quit a big one.

ParkingLot has been graphically been redesigned to look like a real parking lot. Now you have handicap places, parking places. The eye for detail has been seriously improved.
» ParkingLot 1.2 released

May 06

Raging thunder is a new game released by Polarbit. They are already won several awards with this game and now it’s available onto our iPhone …

I do have some remarks about the game.

The steering is done by the tilting your iPhone left or right and it’s not easy.
I was only able to play a quick race as saving your race profile is not possible.
The game also crashed several times.
» Raging Thunder race game

May 06

It’s been some time since i last reviewed a game. And as it’s a little bit quiet on the installer for new games. I’M going to review WeLLK.
WeLLK is no new game, it has been around since nov 2007, but it’s a really fun game, so i thought it was nice to quickly review it.
WeLLK is from our chinese Friends who brought us wetool (the sms managing app, check here for a quick review).
On to the game itself.
The game is very similar to mahjong’s. You need to connect two identical pieces using less then four lines.
The game is mostly in Chinese, but it has one theme (Disney theme) that is English.

» WeLLK a cool link game like Mahjong

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