Feb 13

eff-17A new article has rised on the website of the EFF where Apple claims that iPhone jailbreaking is illegal (in the US). Apple’s iPhone, now the best-selling cellular phone in the U.S., has been designed with restrictions that prevent owners from running applications obtained from sources other than Apple’s own iTunes App Store. “Jailbreaking” is the term used for removing these restrictions, thereby liberating your phone from Apple’s software “jail. Apple states that opening the iPhone to independently created applications will compromise safety, security, reliability, and swing the doors wide for those who want to run pirated software.
» Apple Says iPhone Jailbreaking is Illegal

Feb 11

motion-comics-marvelDuring the Comic Convention, Marvel announced that they will sell “in-motion” comic books via the App Store. So what’s so special about these Motion Comic books? Well they are like comic books with real live action scenes that you will be able to watch on your iPhone and iPod Touch.Hit The break to see the movie.
» App Store – Motion Comics coming soon.

Feb 11

itagnationEarlier today i reported that the App Store has hit over 20.000 app’s and that most of these are actually not worth downloading or playing. Well today i found something new. A startup company called ICS Mobile is readying the release of their location-based iTag Live game for the iPhone. So what’s up with this game? Think about fragging in real life but not with a gun but with the iPhone Camera + GPS.
» iTag Live almost ready to be released on the iPhone

Feb 11

kaliap-bigIt’s been a while since we had some news form the Rip-dev team. Well they are back and this time with a product that a lot of developers will be happy to have. It’s called Kali Anti-piracy. Kali anti-piracy is a new service for iPhone developers that will protect their applications from being pirated. Hit the break to read the full press release:
» Kali Anti-Piracy: Protecting App Store apps from being pirated

Feb 11

app_storeNobody ever thought that the App Store would be as succesfull as it has become. Only 3 months ago the site has reached a milestone of 10.000 aps. Today the app store has reached a stagering 20.000 listed apps! Ok, to be honest.. most of the apps are actually lousy (just think about all the fart app’s currently in the app store).
» App Store – 20000 Apps and still rising !

Feb 10

sygic-gps-iphone3gThe Mobile World Congress is starting soon. To be exact from 16 to 19 february. A newsflash just came in from the company Sygic that they will be present on the Mobile World Congress with SygicMobile for the iPhone 3G. Sygic will present its inovative GPS navigation software for wide range of mobile devices and smartphones including the iPhone 3G.
» SygicMobile for iPhone 3G (real turn-by-turn navigation?)

Feb 08

dinnerspinnerThis free app from all recipes.com is a funny way to let your iPhone decide what your going to eat. Just shake your phone and let the app pick the food of the day.
» Dinner Spinner

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