Mar 30

News flash !

ZiPhone version 3.0 just got released.
New features include.

– No more need to fix nvram
– Solution for GREYED wifi!
– No need for youtube fixes
– Emedded apps installer
– Customized plugins!

Zibri’s blog also mentions plugin availability.
I’ll review the new version really soon.

Download ZiPhone v3.0 here

Mar 30

Let me first explain what Pwnage is.
Pwnage is the tool made by the iPhone Dev Team.

It’s sole purpose is to hack the iPhone/ iPod touch so you can run your own modified firmware on it.
Pwnage patches the bootloader so you can run unsigned code.
This is a very big achievment for the development community, as now, we can run anything on our precious litle iPhone or iPod touches.
So what’s so different about Pwnage and Ziphone?

Ziphone hacks and opens current firmware so we can run our installer and insert our non Apple aproved simcards.
» Pwnage Tool Delayed

Mar 30

We recieved the following news today.?

According to some developers Apple has incorporated several new features in the latest build (5a225c).

Most noticable changes are.
» New iPhone Firmware 2.0 features

Mar 28

We have received news that the new SDK includes the new firmware version 2.0 on the emulator.

The new version is iPhone OS 2.0 build 5A225c.No new features have been found so far, except for an updated webkit, build 525.15 (Safari).

But as it’s just released i think we will receive news within the next days.

The downloadable version will probably released in the next few hours to select developpers.

More information to follow.

Mar 27

Today Apple released a new version of the iPhone SDK to registered devolopers.

There’s 1 cool neat feature, that is really worth the download.

The Interface Builder.(screens later)

The interface builder promises to be a very smooth way to create your own user interfaces by using drag and drop.

Apple’s servers are being overloaded right now, so it might be better to hold off until tomorrow if you have the luck to be a registered developper.

Mar 27

The following just got posted on Engadget.
So i’m not going to take credit for this revelation :)? ?

While it doesn’t exactly come as much of a surprise, it seems that Apple has plenty more goodies in mind for the iPhone (and, presumably, the iPod touch), with a recent batch of no less than six patent applications revealing some of its plans to turn the device into what it describes as a “lifestyle companion.

» New Apple patent reveals plans for the iPhone as a lifestyle companion

Mar 27

We have just received news that the firmware version 1.2 may be leaked as soon as this weekend.

Normally this firmware is only available to the select few that have been approved to be a developer in Apple??™s iPhone Developer program.

There have been quite some rumors that when you install this firmware, your device may become inoperable after some time.

However, we have just learned that it??™s possible to hack the IPSW (firmware installation file) so it will not lock after the apple predefined time.
» iPhone Firmware 1.2 Leaked?

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