Apr 09

This game reminds me of the old days when i was young, just kidding, I’m still young :)
No but it does remind me of the huge arcades where i was when i was 16.

I remember some wednesday afternoons, when me and my friends went to the arcade to play some flipper and off course air hockey.

The air hockey game is actually a lot of fun to play.

You just start the game and try to get the puck in the other hole.
The game is sometimes less responsive (as you’re playing with your finger), but it’s still highly playable.
The game has also the option to play with 2 people, not in network mode, but on the same screen.


» Airhockey 1.006

Apr 09

According to several posts on the hackint0sh forum, the chipset that will support the 3G iPhone will be the PMB8878 or better known as the S-GOLD3H.
The current version of the iPhone is powered by the S-GOLD2 chipset, so we might have found the chip that will power the next iPhone.
But maybe apple is planning to use another chipset, we will not know this until final release !
» iPhone 3G chipset found?

Apr 08

For the people who don’t know what iPSW is.

I’ll explain. IPSW is are the iPhone/iPod Touch firmware update files.

You can use these to restore or update your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Now what is the iPSW builder tool?
» First screens of iPSW builder

Apr 08

This news just got in.

Apple seeded a new version of the iPhone SDK today, and yes like they predicted.. They locked the iPhones with the beta firmware v 5A225c.

One little side-note, apple has created a PSOD (pink screen of death) with the message This device is expired. Please install a newer version of the OS” (sound like a BSOD huh ;) )

Some developers have informed us, that you can still downgrade your iPhone to official firmwares to get it up and running again.
» Apple locks developers out of their iPhone with Firmware 2.0

Apr 06

Our friends from the TheiPhoneProject and the iPhone Dev team have announced the IPSWTool.

So what’s so spectacular about this tool?

You will be able to create your own firmware, and inclued the apps you like. For ex.

Imagine having an Firmware that has the BSDSubsystem, Jamendo Ringtones OpenSSH and other tools already included :)

For me this app can’t come any sooner. As i’m kinda a beta tester for a lot of apps, it would be very welcome to restore to a clean firmware with me predefined app’s already in place :)

check out the video and pictures
» Create your own firmware with IPSWTool

Apr 05

Some late night news,

It seems that some developers got Quake 3 running pretty good in multiplayer over the network!
They succeeded in using using the accelerometer for the controls.

This looks awesome but is it legit? Will this be released?

We’ll keep you updated as always :)

check the video for some cool gameplay..
Video after more


» Quake 3 on your iPhone/ Ipod Touch in multiplayer ??

Apr 05

Our friends from the Iphone-dev team, have made a new statement today.

The release of the Windows Pwnage Tool is still set to be released later this weekend.

I can’t wait for the windows version, as i no longer have a Mac :( (please donate so i can save for one :) )

They have released a screenshot in the meantime.
» Windows Pwnage Tool ready to be released this weekend.

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