May 29

Most of the up to date iphone and ipod freakz remember the amazing video of 2 developpers being able to port Quake2 to the iphone/ipod. Unfortunately they were just testing it out and were not planning to release anything. Candian developper IUGO mobile entertainment managed to create a first person shooter for the iphone, and this one actually is going to be released on both iphone and ipod.

» Re-volt a First-Person-Shooter

May 28

We already mentioned that beta6 was released to the enterprise customers. Well today Apple has released the SDK version 6 to everybody.

It appears the the SDK beta 6 can only be installed on Mac Os 10.5.3, that coincidently also got released today.

As for now there aren’t any new features discovered except for the geo-tagging but that’s something we already posted some time ago.

May 28

The following screenshot popped up when someone found it in a images directory on After studying it briefly, we came to the conclusion it had to do something with the new Mac AppStore that is coming up. It looks like some profile setup for the iphone.

In March 2008, Apple announced they wanted to control the sale and distribution of applications for the iphone and ipod touch. The applications would be distributed in a so called Application Store, Apple is going to launch. CEO Steve Jobs described App Store as “an application we’ve written to deliver apps to the iphone. And we’re going to put it on every single iphone with the next release of the software.” » First AppStore Screenshot??

May 28

Our friends from have received some exclusive spypics of a white 3G iPhone case.

These pics show a very close resemblance with the previous spypics that we posted some time ago.

Are these the real ones, or are they fake again.. i don’t know, but these do look very convincing.

Check out the original post site here.
» New SpyPics of a white 3G iPhone?

May 27

Ok it’s official.
TeliaSonera has received the rights to bring the iPhone to Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.
That’s cool news for all of our european friends :)
There’s only 1 country that won’t be getting the iPhone for now.
» TeliaSonera brings iPhone to the Nordics and Baltics

May 26

Earthscape is a new virtual globe application that puts you on the map. With social layers, incredible imagery and custom applications, Earthscape offers the world’s richest geographic browsing experience.
Earthscape will be released when the AppStore will laucnh later this month.

The app is a port of Google Earth and will give you the possibility of zooming, rotating and gives you a full 3D simulation of our beautifull blue planet.

There’s not much information available except for this video.
» Eartscape the social google earth browser for the iPhone

May 26

3 new pictures have surfaced on the net off the iPhone 3g.
They show us the new iPhone in 3 colors (white, red and black). A thinner chassis, 2 camera’s (one in front and one in the back (enhanced cam)).
To me these are fake ones again, they do look nice, but i’m missing some of the apple look, but then again we never know for sure until Apple will release them :)
» New iPhone 3g pictures !

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