Jun 17

MacNN is reporting that a iPhone version of Adobe’s Flash plug-in is still into development. CEO Shantanu Narayen has responded to the question if Flash will be ready for the soon to be released iPhone 3G. He did this in the earnings call for Adobe’s second financial quarter. Untill now Apple has alwasys refused to allow flash coming to the iPhone dus to too high battery demands.
» iPhone Flash in early development ?

Jun 17

A friend just mailed me this little news. It appears that the Belgian Flag is back on the list of Countries that will be getting the iPhone 3G on the 11th of July. Is this an error or not? I do have some unconfirmed news that Mobistar (Belgians iPhone 3G provider) is currently trying to get everthing ready to launch the iPhone 3G. Will this be the case? We will soon find out.
» Belgium back on the 11th july iPhone 3G list ?

Jun 16

MobileMe is going to cost 79€ in Europe versus 99$ in the USA. That the europeans always pay more then the USA is already common knowledge, but that Europe is getting less service for more money .. that is something new! If you take a US subscription the datatraffic allowed is 200GB, European country’s will only have 100GB! Another strange fact is that family members in the US get 5GB datatraffic as European family members only get 2,5GB. What’s happening with Apple?
» MobileME europe – half the storage and datatraffic as the US has

Jun 14

Mariner Software announced that they will bring a native iPhone excell editing solution to the AppStore. We already learned that the new firmware will be able to view iWork and MS office documents, but apple didn’t mention anything about being able to edit them. Mariner software’s president, Michael Wray informed MacWorld that his Mariner Calc sofware is 80 to 90% complete and should be ready by the time the appstore opens.
» AppStore – Mariner Calc brings native Excell editing to the iPhone

Jun 13

I just informed you guys regarding the FlixWagon service, and by the time i had finished the article, i received news from QIK that they will be offering a iPhone native version. The really good news (according to Kevin Rose) is that the app will be released by the end of the week. so this means a jailbroken installer version coming soon. Untill then you can watch the video demo.
» Qik – Another live broadcast service coming to the iPhone

Jun 13

AppleInsider has published some information about the upcoming AppStore. The document mainly focus is for the developers. It’s more a guide to get your application onto the AppStore. Some end-user information can be found in the article too. For ex.
» New Apple AppStore information (prices, size caps, and other info)

Jun 12

The guys from FlixWagon are preparing a video broadcasting app that they will will encode the video on the fly and send it to their servers. It’s currently running on a jailbroken iPhone but they should be ready to release it publicly when the AppStore is ready. The app has no limit and should run as long as your iPhone battery lasts.The delay should be no more than 3 seconds. Not much information is available but i did manage to find a movie demoing the little application.
» Flixwagon preparing video broadcasting app for the iPhone AppStore

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