Jun 27

Apple has released a pre-release version of iTunes for the SDK developers. The readme of iTunes 7.7 has a very interesting paragraph. It claims that iTunes 7.7 will be remotely controllable from your iPhone or iPod touch.
» AppStore – Remote control your iTunes library from your iPhone

Jun 20

A chinese news paper has publicized the list with all the company’s that are making the separate iPhone 3G components. There aren’t much supprises here, as most of the components we find in the new iPhone 3G have already been used in the current first gen iPhone. One interesting fact is that these company’s will see there revenues increased substantionaly as Apple is expecting to sell more then 27million units by the end of 2009.

» iPhone 3G – Manufactor list publiced

Jun 20

Some new reports are coming in that the latest iPhone 3G firmware will support FM Radio and FOTA (firmware over the air downloads). FM radio does not mean that the iPhone 3G will have a FM receiver but it will probably support Apple’s ‘iPod Radio Remote’ and probably some other third-paryt FM Tuners.
» iPhone 3G has FM radio support and FOTA?

Jun 19

Tuaw has posted another list with upcoming iPhone appstore apps. Some very interesting apps are coming our way. I personally would like SplashShopper, SplashMoney to just name 2. The full list can be viewed after the break.
» AppStore – More upcoming app’s for the iPhone

Jun 19

Tetris got a update to versio 2.5. There are some new features. Now you have a menu bar that includes: “Main Menu”, “Credits”, “Info”, and “Settings”. The settings option doesn’t do much for now, but you will be able to change the background theme and difficulty in a later release. Once you start the game, you will notice that the color design has been adjusted. Not much difference, but it’s more relaxing on the eyes.
» Tetris 2.5 – Mobile iPhone tetris

Jun 18

Earlier today i received a e-mail from Fring. just wanted to let you know that today we’ve opened-up the fring platform by introducing the fringAPI. We’re making it available for free, to any developer who wants to create new mobile applications or offer their own web services to the fring community. We’re very excited about this, as with the fringAPI we are adding mobile applications by welcoming in an entire world of talented developers (they only need a working knowledge of basic server-side language such as PHP, JSP, ASPX etc and XML). These mobile applications will bring users a richer experience and, potentially, an unlimited selection of mobile games, services, communities and more.
» FringAPi released for the iPhone

Jun 17

A dealer in the Netherlands has already annouced that he will be selling unlocked iPhone 3G’s starting from the end of July. The prices aren’t cheap, he is offering the 8GB version for 599€ and the 16GB for 698€ !! We already know that iTaly will sell the iPhone 3G 8GB for 499€ and the 16 for 565€. So why does this dealer increases the prices by 100€, and why will they only be available by the end of july? Will they be hacked versions? We will soon find out.
» Unlocked iPhone 3G prices in the Netherlands

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