Jul 24

According to Aviv Raff the iPhone’s mail and safari applications are having big security risks. Both applications are openly available to phishing attacks. The good news is that he didn’t make the exploit publicly available, and he’s not planning to do this before Apple has posted a firmware update that fixes these issues. Hit the break to read all the details.
» Security risk – iPhone is Phishable and SPAMable

Jul 23

Yesterday i brought you guys the news about the release of the xPwn 0.2 binaries. It didn’t take very long before some developers started to create a windows version of the PwnageTool. Today merely some hours later, a new developer called Neiluj1493 (who’s 15 years) release a his xWinPwn application.
» xWinPwn beats WinPwn to it

Jul 23

When you search for iPhone Apps on google a new scam site has taken the top of the search listing. iPhoneApps.org has popped up where you can buy 10 of the most popular jailbroken apps for 24.95$. The tag line of the website is ‘iPhone Applications at a price that’s a steal’. Well they couldn’t have chosen a better line as they are actually really stealing your money for nothing. They show us a list of the following app’s (customize, snes, screenshot, video recorder, instant messenger, mms, ringtones, youtube downloader, books, vnc)!
» Warning – iphoneapps.org scam !

Jul 22

Our friends from the iPhone Dev-Team released a update to xpwn. Xpwn is a cross-platform iPhone jailbreak/unlock tool. The tool is mainly for experienced users but Xpwn opens a new door to a soon to be released updated WinPwn2.0. Check the article after the break.
» xpwn 0.3 available

Jul 20

The iPhone DevTeam have released the new PwnageTool that supports the new 2.0 firmware. Currently, it is for Macs only. To download it, go here. It supports both the first generation and 3G iPhone, although unlocking for the iPhone 3G is not yet available.

UPDATE: Apparently, Installer is not available with this version of PwnageTool. » PwnageTool 2.0 released; Macs only. *UPDATED*

Jul 19

The dev-team updated their blog with 1 simple message. We love sundays. We think you will too. PwnageTool 2.0 tomorrow !!!

Jul 17

A new day a new update on the blog of the iPhone Dev-Team. This time they talk about safe code. The reason why the release takes so long is due to Apple releasing a update (B103) to firmware 2.0. The Dev-Team is currently testing all known firmware versions with all iPhone versions. By delaying the release they found 1 bug with App Store and Installer applications. PwnageTool will not support 3G unlocking or BootNeuter on the 3G device. Read the full article after the break.
» iPhone Dev-Team update (pwnagetool 2.0)

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