Sep 19

Some of you may experience some issues after updating Cydia and installing or de-installing applications. The error you may see is Mobile Substrate Safe Mode. According to Saurik it has to do with Winterboard and the update of Mobile Substrate in Cydia. This was needed to get many applications compatible with firmware 2.1. The text full of pop-up error that appears is as follows:
» Mobile Substrate Safe Mode

Sep 19

A new viral email targeting Windows using, iPhone owning gamers has appeared lately. The message appears with a subject that tricks you into thinking it has an attachment of a popular new iPhone. Once opened it infects your Windows computer with a virus. » Warning: New Viral E-Mail Meant To Trick iPhone Gamers

Sep 18

GiGaOM had a interview with the director of Skype (Josh Silverman). One of the questions that is on everyones lipes is the fact if Skype will ever make it to the iPhone and/or the iPod Touch. A part of the interview follows next: “We need to be on all devices…Skype needs to be everywhere,” he said.
» App Store – Skype soon on our iPhone?

Sep 17

We are happy to inform you that as from now on users can read the latest news from directly from their iPhone, we have setup a compatible site that loads faster onto your mobile devices and this on edge, gprs and 3G.
» iPhoneFreakz on your iPhone

Sep 16

The iPhone-Dev team posted a blog update about 3 hours ago explaining that they have begun experimenting on them. They don’t have any updates about the device, except that it could bring us insight on upcoming iPhones. Read inside for the whole entry and a screenshot by the Dev-Team. » Dev-Team has begun experimenting on the iPod Touch 2G

Sep 16

Firmware 2.1 has been released on Friday and solved a lot issues for the iPhone users.
While Apple has provided an official list of new features and fixes (see our previous post ), some users found already some undocumented changes in the latest firmware.
» iPhone 2.1: Additional features

Sep 15

The popular iPhone blogging and forum site,, has undergone some recent changes. They are now no longer ModMyiFone but ModMyi (thanks to some legal issues with Apple that have been cirulating for a year). » ModMyiFone Changes

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