Sep 29

Well, it’s finally here. Stack 2.0 has been released in Cydia. Stack is an application that mimics the Stack feature in Mac OS X Leopard, making your icons stack up in the dock. So far, it works as advertised, but a few improvments are needed. Overall, however, it proves to be a very useful application. It’s also very user-friendly. » Cydia- Stack 2.0

Sep 27

Ever since the App Store started, one of the biggest complaints from numerous individuals was the fact that many people were leaving reviews for applications without even purchasing them. This led to inaccurate reviews left by people who actually had no right to be reviewing it without trying it. However, Apple has put a requirement now that users wanting to leave a review must now have first purchased the application. » Purchasing now required to review an App Store application

Sep 27

Apple released a official Youtube channel on the 25th of september. The channel is has all the advertisements of products like the iPhone, the iPod Touch, iPod Nano 4G, the Mac Book Air and it also features some tutorials for iTunes.
» Official Apple Youtube Channel launched

Sep 26

A new update on the blog of the iPhone Dev Team has appeared. I won’t discuss this in detail but i’ll give you the full post so you can make up your own mind. While we continue working on the two current remaining challenges from Apple (the iPhone 3G soft unlock and iPod Touch 2G jailbreak…see the end of this post), we’re also watching the latest beta releases from Apple.
» iPhone-Dev Team on Firmware 2.2

Sep 25

Well the time has finally come, Rip-Dev has released an update to Installer. I know many people have given up on Installer and turned to Cydia but this has added a lot of improvements (but also a few bugs). » Installer 4.0b8 release!

Sep 25

Not long ago the application Netshare was released in the App Store. Not very long after, the same application got removed from the app store due to legal issues with AT&T. Another company that was awaiting approvment of their internet sharing app, PdaNet, is June Fabric. June Fabric’s official statement was:
» Cydia – PDANET iPhone (tether your laptop/pc to your iPhone)

Sep 24

Recently, we’ve seen many applications that have been rejected by Apple due to various reasons, whether it be for uselessness or duplication of another iPhone feature. Well, now all of the rejection letters sent from Apple are under a Non-Disclosure Agreement, which means none of the contents may be shown or told to anyone other than the recipient of the email. This is most likely to protect Apple’s integrity when rejecting applications. » Non-Disclosure Agreement now covers app rejection emails

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