Nov 20

Facebook starts rolling out a new feature “called Photo Sync”, it automatically uploads all photos taken on the iPhone to a private photo album on Facebook. Facebook explains: “Photo syncing lets you save the photos on your phone to Facebook privately, then choose which ones to share.» Facebook Start Rolling Out New iOS Photo Sync Feature

Oct 31

Google updated their Google Search app for iOS with a Siri-like feature. You can now “simply say what you want and get results without typing.” They describe it as “faster and significantly improved voice recognition with text streamed on the fly” and even call it the “most advanced voice search” on iOS. » Google Search App Updated With Siri-like Feature

Oct 05

iPhoneInCanada reported that Google added Street View to the web-based version of its Google Maps on iOS and other mobile devices. Since a lot of iOS 6 users are complaining about Apple’s new iOS 6 Maps app “which replaced Google Maps”, a lot of iPhone users waited for Google to submit an iOS app to the App Store or to update its web-based Maps app. » Google Added Street View To Web-Based Google Maps

Oct 04

Starbucks has updated their iPhone app to support Passbook. With the Starbucks app, you can manage your Starbucks Card balance, reload your card and track your Stars in the My Starbucks Rewards program. With it’s latest update, more people may start using Apple’s new Passbook app. Passbook is designed to get users directly into gift cards or event tickets from the lock screen when they are near a Starbucks or other area that supports Passbook. » Starbucks App Updated To Support Passbook

Sep 29

After Tim Cook apologized in an open letter for Apple’s new iOS 6 Maps App and suggested other Map alternatives including webbased Google Maps and Nokia Maps, Apple has also added a new featured section to the App Store highlighting some other “free and paid” map alternatives. This section includes map apps such as RoadMate USA, Waze, Mapquest, Garmin, Bing, and MotionX. It looks like Apple is taking the Map criticism seriously. » Apple Created Alternative Maps Section In The App Store

Sep 28

Netflix released an update to its iOS app to support iOS 6 and the iPhone 5’s 4-inch screen. They also added improved browsing, searching and watching experience. Netflix is a very popular iPhone app, which provides services for watching TV episodes and movies on your phone. » Netflix For iOS Updated With iOS 6 & iPhone 5 Widescreen Support

Sep 27

Streamweaver is a multi-angle mobile video app that’s social from the moment you tap record. It is called split-screen synchronicity. Invite friends, wherever they are, to jointly record everyday moments. Streamweaver combines your uploaded video streams and plays them back to you in a single split-screen video that shows all angles together. A video of how StreamWeaver works can be found after the break. » Streamweaver: Create Multi-Angle Videos With Friends

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