Mar 31

This one is an attention grabber.

Unity3D has just announced a 3D game development tool for the iPhone.

According to their website, their tool makes it possible to create console-quality games for the iPhone/iPod touch.
Some developers that already are using Unity3d are, Smashing Ideas, Trigger, Freeverse,, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Flashbang Studios, ThreeMelons and Skyworks Technologies.

» Develop your own 3d iPhone Games

Mar 31

It was less than 24 hours ago that i installed version 2.71 onto my iPhone.

Well Eric Degrange is back with his updated version 2.73 of Ringtones.

The first thing that i notice when running the app, is the new option to skip the checking screen.
The other thing i also noticed is the displaying of free disk space.

According to his forum, some people where asking for this.
» Jamendo Ringtones 2.73 updated

Mar 30

Since firmware 1.1.3 you can pinpoint your location with google maps on your iPhone.

I found this an awesome tool but the problem is, that where i live, it’s far from exact. It shows me a circle of about the whole city, and honestly, i already know in what city i am.

In my search for something better, i found this little tool called Locate me.
It’s still not 100% accurate, but it shows me about 1 block of where i really are, and that is a huge improvement over the standard functionality of the google maps app.

Let me show you where you can find and install this app.

» Locate me.

Mar 30

Converter 0.22b is one of the tools you really need on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

I’ve had this little program since the beginning and i must say that the latest version has improved again.

What’s new?
A lot of languagues:
English, Catala, Cestina, Dansk, Nederlands, Francais, Deutsch, Hebrew, Italiano, Latviesu, Polski, Portugues, Pyccknn, Japanese, Espanol, Svenska and traditional chinese.

The begin screen makes it very easy to start converting, first you select your Category, then the From units and as last the to units.

But let me explain it with screenshots.
» Convert everything with Converter 0.22b

Mar 30

Jamendo Ringtones has been one of my fav apps since it got released.? See my previous post about it.

And now it’s even better !!

The Developers have added SMS tone functionality. WOOT WOOT.

I won’t walk you through the full app this time, but i will highlight the changes that have been made.

Let’s go
» Jamendo Ringtones 2.71 now with SMS tones

Mar 27

I must admin that your iPhone or iPod Touch may seem a little small to read e-books.
However the app Books does do a pretty good job for reading e-books.
The app is a simple eBook reader and can read html and texts stored in your ~/Media/EBooks folder.

Getting Books? is recommended for use with Project Gutenberg texts,
in conjunction with GutenMark, a fantastic PG markup tool by Ronald Burkey,
which makes pretty HTML out of Gutenberg .txt files, and splits them by chapter using a second tool.

I”ll explain with screenshots..
» Read your e-books with Books

Mar 26

Geopedia must be one of the coolest programs i have installed onto my iPhone.

Imagine walking around in a place you don’t know very well. (eg Bruges in my ex).

You start your iPhone (enable wi-fi or EDGE), launch GeoPedia, and suddenly have all information of that area on your iPhone.
Well this little app does this for you.

I’ll explain with screenshots.
» Geopedia (get geobased wikipedia information)

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