Apr 09

JohnG and GeorgeA have release a very nice app to see the full stats of your calls.
The app iCalls gives you the details of all incoming and outoging calls.

The app itself is still in its early releases but this app promises to be very good when they have added some extra functionality.

This app is very handy if you have a calling plan with a number of minutes or a prepaid card, and you don’t want to pay extra.

Let’s have a look.
» Track your call usage with iCalls 0.3

Apr 09

I’ve been searching for a way to get my notes into my Outlook.
This is still not possible (but i know some are working on it), but in the meantime, we can use Remote Note to manage our notes from any pc.

The principle is simple. the app starts a web-server on your iPhone with a tinymce editor pre configured.

The app let’s you edit and delete your notes.
The app also has an option to download your notes database for later restore.
» Manage your iPhone Notes with Remote Note v.1.0.0

Apr 09


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Amaze-on is actually nothing special.

It’s just an app for searching Amazon for specific terms.
You open it, type in what you need, and the app brings you directly to your requested info.

Personally i don’t see the need for an app like this, but maybee some of you do :)

» Amaze-on

Apr 07

The guy from DataBinge that has brought us our favorite backup solution TimeCapsule is back with WildEyes for safari.

The program let’s you view all sorts of documents right in your Safari.
The app is usefull for viewing pdf, doc, docx, xls, slsx, txt files, images, html, htm, aif, mp3, m4v, mp4 and aac files !

I think most business people really needed an app like this!
Now this is a program that i was missing on my iPhone.

Let’s have a look at version 0.08b1

» View your documents (pdf,xls,doc,txt,etc) on your iPhone iPod with WildEyes

Apr 07

I’ve had the chance to play a bit with customize v2 beta.

And i must say, the developers are close to a final release.

Most functions seem to work, however i experienced some minor difficulties.


» Preliminary Customize 2.0 look

Apr 06

Some of us already installed CameraPro, one downside to this app was that you had to pay after using some of it’s features.

Well now we have Snapture.

Snapture is almost identical to CameraPro, except for 1 thing.. It’s freeeeeeeeeee :)

I like this app, cause it gives you some more options that the standard Photo app doesn’t has.

» Advanced photography with Snapture (CameraPro)

Apr 06

As promised, i’ll show you the updated information of ringtones v 2.74

I’ve already posted some information about ringtones, go see my previous posts about ringtones here for 2.73 and here for 2.71.

Ok let’s get back to Jamendo Ringtones v 2.74.
» Jamendo Ringtones 2.74 released! (updated!)

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