Apr 17

I think most of us know, that when you double press the home button that you will go to your favorites as a default option. (the ones that didn’t know, you’re welcome)

But wouldn’t it be easier if we could setup another program when you double press the home button?

Now you can with iPhoneHome.

iPhoneHome isn’t really a new app, it has existed before but it didn’t work on fw 1.1.3 and 1.1.4

The developer now released an update to fix the compatibility issues.
» Change the double tab home button with iPhoneHome v0.8

Apr 16

A chinese developer created handwriting recognition software, for latin and chinese characters.
The app is called HWPen and it gives you a writing area instead of the default keyboard.

The version is still beta 1.0 but it kinda works, i personally still prefer the keyboard, but some of you will prefer this solution.

Some downsides…

The recognition doesn’t work in the mail-app and in landscape mode, but as this is still beta.. i’m pretty sure that the next versions will solve these little problems.

Let’s install the app and have a look shall we …
» Handwriting on your iPhone/iPod ?? HWPen 1.0 is here …

Apr 16

I haven’t written anything about BossPrefs, but now that a new version got released, it’s the perfect time :)

This is one of those app’s everybody should install.
why ?

Cause it gives you almost full control of all service running on your iPhone.
The app Basically gives you switches for all services that you have running on your iPhone.
» BossPrefs 1.63 released (update 1.64)

Apr 15

This just got in.

There’s a new app released, it’s called Fring, and it let’s you use Skype, Sip, msn, twitter and icq over your wi-fi or EDGE connection. (no calls on edge . . yet )

Now this is a truly killer app!!

It’s a little buggy sometimes, but it’s ok.
I’ve tested the chat function and off course the skype dial function.

And that my friends actually works great.

but let me go on to the how to..


» Skype and instant messaging combined on your iPhone with Fring

Apr 15

Webbapps are nice but they have 1 problem, they aren’t portable .. well untill now :)

There’s a new service out called iwebsaver, it allows you to save any webbapp locally to your iphone, so you can play/use it whenever you feel like it. It also works for sites. Maybee you wan’t to keep a copy of iPhoneFreakz on your iPhone? Well now you can.

I have tested it with everybody’s favorite webapp game bejeweled (well not everybody’s but a lot of people like it :)

Enough chit chat, let me show you how it works.


» Play/use your Webapps (bejeweled) offline

Apr 13

Eric Degrange released yet another update of his very popular Ringtones app today.
So what’s new ?

Well a very nice feature … (except for a little problem)

You can now set any song without converting directly as your tone.

(little problem)= However .. the little problem I’m referring to, is .. when you use this new feature, it’s not possible to make your phone silent and vibrate…

Eric has put the warning EXPERIMENTAL on his blog.
» Jamendo Ringtones 2.82 released (update 2.83, update 2.84)

Apr 12

Now this is a very very interesting little app.

Imagine you’re going on a trip to a certain city, but you don’t want to cary a gps around, then this app is your friend.

It lets you save a map or a route for later viewing.
I know that some cities have town covered wi-fi, but a lot of cities don’t, and if you have a map of where you’re going … you can always find your way :)

How does it work?

You browse the map you’d like to save with the google maps iPhone app.
Then you start the app, and save the current sqlite file (in my case it is Westvlaanderen).

Now when you’re offline (not connected to wi-fi or gprs) you can still use that map or any other map you have saved.

The same goes for routes :)
» Save google maps with Maps Offline for later viewing

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