Apr 24

While most of us are waiting for the public beta release of uShow, Dream Catcher didn’t want to wait any longer for a video recording app.
Today they released iPhone video recorder 1.1.

Let’s check what the features are.
The iPhone video recorder is capable of recording video at 15fps in 3 video modes (best performance at 320*460, max picture size 320*416 and on the fly(very low frame rate). After recording the app compresses the video in MP4 formate and a file of about 1hour will take about 60mb space.

The recording is really easy. You start the app and press the record button.. after you have done your recording press the stop button. And the app will start encoding your video in the format you chose above.
After that it has encoded the video, you can select it and chose to e-mail, play or delete it.
» iPhone video recorder 1.1 by iPhone Cake

Apr 24

Islsk is still in development but i wanted to share this nevertheless.

iSlsk is a soulseek client for the iphone/ipod touch. Soulseek is a P2P sharing network similar to others like eMule, LimeWire, and BitTorrent.

Errick is planing to release a public version somewhere in may but for now, here’s a proof of concept video.

The quality isn’t perfect but it shows you how it will work :)
» P2P sharing on the iPhone

Apr 22

I love the notes app in my iPhone but it’s very limited.
But as we are already getting used to, for every problem we have with our beloved device, a developer has a solution.
Hon Cheng (aka peeinmypantz from databinge) was thinking the same as most of us do. what if i would have a advanced notes ?
He thougt no more and created the app that is now known as moleskine.

What’s so special about moleskine?
A better question would be, what’s not special about moleskine?

For now it gives you the option to organize your data into folders and subfolders, use descriptions and icons for fast and easy recognition.

The developer is currently working on a whole lot of extra functions but i’ll come back later with that news.
» Notes on steroids with moleskine v0.19-2 (updated 0.19-3)

Apr 21

One of the most annoying things in the whole Apple iPod world, must be that you can only sync your iPhone or iPod with 1 pc or Mac.

Most of us do own multiple systems and have different music on both systems.
So what do you do? Erase your iPhone or iPod every time you need to sync ?
Noooo, use SwapLibrary instead.

The app let’s you have 2 library’s filled with Music, Video’s and Photos from different pc’s or Macs.
And it’s so easy to use..

Aint that what we all need ..
» Need to sync your iPhone/iPod touch with more than 1 computer ? Use SwapLibrary

Apr 20

I was thinking to write 2 separate reviews, but as the options for both programs are actually the same, i’ll just bundle them together :)

Wallpaper and collage now have the options to leave comments on wallpapers and photos.

You will have a new option to leave a comment. Which is actually pretty cool.
When first reacting to a photo or wallpaper, you will need to register. Luckily you will only have to do this on 1 app, the other takes the settings of the first app.

Both apps are getting the feel of a online community, i’m wondering what the developer is planning to do next …
» Collage 2.2 and Wallpaper 2.3

Apr 19

Ringtones 2.85 has just been released.

There aren’t many changes:

– Improved Cutting process
– You can enter start and stop time manually now.
– Improved sanity check

I won’t guide you to the full install i’ll wiat for version 2.90 to do a whole new full review.

You can check my old reviews here, here and here.

I’ve already written a lot about Jamendo Ringtones, just do a quick search on the top right corner of your screen and you’ll find all the posts :)

See more for the screenshots
» Jamendo Ringtones 2.85 released

Apr 17

Snapture 1.3 has been released today.
so what’s new compared to version 1.0 (see review here)?

-There’s support for 4 languages (English, French, German and Italian)
-You can turn the zoom on or off
-You can hide the icons on the front screen.


» Snapture 1.3 released

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