Apr 30

Reponame isn’t a new app, it has been released some time ago but today an update appeared in the installer.
So i thougth it might be time to give this little app a review.
So what does it do?
If you need a repository of a app or game, just type in the name and reponame will find the repository for you.
I like the app, but i noticed some minor little issues.
It doesn’t always gives you the original repository, so you will never be sure you’ll have the latest version.
For ex all apps from the skrew source, are according to the app on different repos.
Not that this is a big issue, but i like my app’s to be the latest versions, so i will not chose to use this app for now.
» Find the repository for any app with Reponame

Apr 29

Customize is The app you want on your iPhone, it let’s you change almost everything visual and audible littlle setting you can imagine.

Some of the settings you can change are:

Dock image, Application icons, Application images, Wallpaper, System Sounds, System images, Status bar images, phone sounds, and your in call images.

This is a huge list cause every little section has it subsections.

I’ll show you some of the changes you can make with this superb little app.
» How to fully customize your iPhone/iPod touch with Customize 2.0

Apr 29

Now this is a little app i haven’t had a look at. According to our installer, Tunewiki is one of the top 10 apps. Let’s have a look if it really meets it top 10 expectations.

The app promises to sync the lyrics of almost any song and it actually does what it says.
I’ve had almost no songs (and i do own strange music) where the app didn’t find the correct lyrics.

One nice side note is the fact that They have also recently announced that they have got permission from Universal Music Publishing Group for the community to legally view all the Universal Music Publishing catalog of lyrics in North America (and that they are working to obtain more permissions).
» Review of TuneWiki 2.2 (one of the top 10 iphone native apps)

Apr 28

Ever wanted to know how fast your car or plane or bike accelerates? Search no more, now you can.
The guys from HackinT0sh created such an app. They called it Accelerate and it’s a nice app if you own any vehicle that accelerates really fast. This way you can tell your friends how many meter/s you accelerate.

Speedometer uses your built in accelerometer to analyze the data.

To be able to use it, you must need to install the Jiggy Runtime (which you can find in the development category).

 » Measure your speed with Accelerate

Apr 27

MxTube is one of my favorite apps, for a full review check this page.

The app let’s you save all youtube video’s that are available for viewing on the iPhone or iPod Touch.Â

However it has 1 limitation, it can only get the videos that are already converted to play on the iPhone. MxTubes developer knew of this problem and he started with the creation of MxTube 2.Â

MxTube 2 will let you chose to search youtube mobile (the current video’s we see), Youtube.com (all video’s) and on video id.Â

The app will encode the video’s that are not iPhone compatible in to the iPhone native format.Â
» MxTube development going strong

Apr 27

Vwallpaper is the next brainchild of Eric Degrange. Our favorite Jamendo Ringtones developer.
I’ve tried it but with my settings its not working. i Guess this must be due to the fact that i’m running Customize or smbprefs.

» Play a video as a wallpaper on your iPhone with Vwallpaper 0.20

Apr 26

Our friends from iPhone Cake have released a training program to learn you to write chinese characters.
The app gives your training lessons as well as dictionaries with handwriting input.

I played a with the app, but to be honest learning Chinese is not really something i have time for. But if i ever want to learn chinese, i will get back to using this little app.

So how does it work?

Star the app, go to the library in the mmain menu to download your library of Chinese characters directly from within iChinese.de.

The app gives you the possibility to get the first 4 lessons for free.
» Learn Chines on your iPhone/iPod with iChinese

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