Oct 27

Multiple websites report that Apple will release the iPhone 5 in India and at least 8 other countries on November 2, including: Croatia, the Dominican Republic, Greece, Mexico Bulgaria, Malta, Romania, and Thailand. The iPhone 5 will be available in 100 countries by the end of the year. » iPhone 5 Launching In India and At Least 8 Other Countries On November 2

Oct 12

Multiple iPhone 5 owners report that the new iPhone is easy to bend and even come bend out of the box. The new iPhone 5 is the thinnest iPhone made so far and comes with an aluminum frame, which makes you wonder if it is strong enought. Austintylerl said on the MacRumors forumThere is a crack above the volume down button in the aluminum. This phone bent while in my front pocket, the phone was never dropped, banged, sat on etc. anyone else have such luck?” a second iPhone 5 owner said that his iPhone 5 was already bend when it was still in the box. » iPhone 5 Is Easy To Bend, Bend-Gate?

Oct 09

We have talked about many issues users experienced with the new iPhone 5 such as, light leaks, new iOS Maps and the wifi bug. Now a new bug showed up which involves the iPhone 5′s virtual keyboard. iDB reports: “Apparently, it’s randomly inconveniencing an unknown proportion of users whose device exhibits an annoying glitch where some parts of the keyboard show random noise and broken lines, like old TV sets attuned to the snow white frequency…» iPhone 5 Screen Flickers When The Keyboard Pops Up

Oct 04

The full retail cost for an 16GB iPhone 5 starts at $650 in the US. If you are buying the iPhone 5 with a two year contract they are knocking the price down to $199. But how much will you pay including the two year contract? Is it really cheaper for you to buy the iPhone from any carrier? Mashable have posted an interesting infographic by Avalaunch Media that shows a break down of all of the iPhone 5-releated expenses you’ll likely incur over the next two years if you purchase one on-contract. Check it out after the break. » True Cost Of An iPhone 5 [Infographic]

Oct 01

Earlier today Apple issued an important new carrier settings update for the iPhone 5 on the Verizon Wireless network, because it was using data while connected to a Wi-Fi network. Verizon has now issued a statement to The Loop indicating that consumers will not be charged for this data usage. » Verizon Responds “Customers Will Not Be Charged For Any Unwarranted Cellular Data Usage”

Oct 01

Apple issued an important new carrier settings update for the iPhone 5 on the Verizon Wireless network. This update eliminate an issue where Verizon Cellular Data would be used while the iPhone 5 is connected to a Wi-Fi network. Check out after the break for instructions to install the update. » Apple Releases Verizon Carrier Update For iPhone 5 To Reduce Inadvertent Cellular Data Usage

Sep 30

As always with a new iPhone launch, there are always a view people that will try everything to destroy it. Android Authority created an iPhone 5 torture test which includes  spilled coffee and being fully submerged in water. It is interesting to see that the iPhone 5 did ok in the first test, however in the second test it didn’t. In the second test, from Wicked Lasers they shoot 6 watts of lasers at the iPhone 5 screen. It looks really cool, but the iPhone 5 does not like it. Check it out after the break. » Water and Lasers In iPhone 5 Torture Tests [videos]

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