Mar 29

iphone 4g screenSmart Phone Medic has created a movie where they show the screen part of the new iPhone “4G”. It shows a bigger screen than the previous iPhones and a whole which could be for the front camera. Smart Phone Medic cant guarantee that the next gen iPhone will indeed look like this so remember we don’t know anything for sure, but it looks promising. » iPhone 4G: Bigger Screen & Front Facing Camera

Mar 12

iphone os 4.0 multitaskingAppleInsider reported that they heard from reliable sources to expect multitasking in iPhone OS 4.0. We heard it before but this time AppleInsider is pretty sure. If this is true, we iPhone users finally get something we asked for. Unfortunately iPhone OS 4.0 is still far away from completion and we have to wait till summer.

» iPhone OS 4.0 Includes Multitasking Support

Feb 03

iphone 4g prototype logoEngadget is the one that was able to shoot some pictures of the iPad just the day before Steve Job introduced it. But what they didn’t noticed at first is that they also shoot a picture that “maybe” includes a prototype of the iPhone 4G. » iPhone 4G: Photo Peak

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