Jul 18

BGR reported that they received some new information from an incredibly solid source of ours. According to our source, Apple will indeed be launching a prepaid / lower cost iPhone this year. We are told the handset will retail for no more than $350 without contract. Ready for the really interesting part? It’s entirely possible that the low-cost iPhone will in fact be the iPhone 3GS. » Apple Will Launch Next-Generation iPhone in Late August & Offers Unsubsidized 3GS For $350

Jul 07

Photojojo is selling a iPhone 4 SLR Mount for $250 that will transform your iPhone into an DSLR. Is it just me?, or are people asking to much from their iPhone? Using a big Mount defeats the purpose of a slim smarthphone. “Ever since the iPhone camera was invented, it’s aspired to be what it simply never quite could be: a DSLR. Sure, apps have helped your camera phone inch forward with simulated focusing and faux filters. » iPhone 4 SLR Mount: Asking To Much From Your iPhone?

Jul 04

Ebay member “jtmaxo” is selling a prototype version of the Apple iPhone 4, which is a test hardware built before the iPhone 4 went into mass production. “The posting refers to the device as a “prototype,” and notes that the serial number written on it is not valid when entered on Apple’s website.” The device has “DF1692” etched in the bottom right corner. According to This is my next, that unique code is meant to allow Apple to keep track of what prototype hardware belongs to a certain employee. » Prototype iPhone 4 For Sale On eBay?

Jun 29

Its sophistication influences, its design inspires. The Titanium iPhone 4 case combines detailed precision work with premium materials by physically reframing the iPhone with a genuine titanium edge. Machined from a single piece of titanium, the premium case provides immense strength and a sleek, handcrafted look. Titanium, most often used in aircraft engines and luxury automobiles, adds high-power durability. A laser etched logo detailing completes the modern style. » Case-Mate Titanium iPhone Case

Jun 04

Red Pop, an iPhone 4 accessory that adds a big, red, juicy camera button to your phone. It’s as simple as ‘Twist, Push, Pop’. Just Twist the barrel, Push Red Pop on to your iPhone dock connector and start to Pop away taking pictures. Red Pop also allows you to shoot away like you would with a camera, with less downtime between shots. Check out the movie after the break. » Red Pop: Easy Way To Snap Pictures With Your iPhone 4

May 31

Made entirely of the highest grade, genuine cow, calf and lamb leather, they’re available in a wide range of colors and finishes, all roughly one millimeter thick (allowing them to work with bumpers and other cases). The removable leather covers apply with a thin layer of adhesive that apparently leaves no residue if you decide to quit it. Protect your phone (well, from scratches) or just use it for a more stealth look. » Valentine: Premium Leather iPhone 4 Backs

May 26

Dot lets your iPhone capture immersive, fully navigable, panoramic video in real-time  – and share with friends on your phone, as well as on Facebook and Twitter, or streamed online using our awesome panoramic video web platform and player. More information at Kickstarter.

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