Sep 25

iTattoo is a brand new iPhone case with a unique graphic design concept. When the case is used with the iPhone 4, the illustration on the iTattoo complements the shape of the “apple” mark and makes a complete new graphic. The case attaches easily and securely, providing device coverage, scratch protection, and direct access to all iPhone 4 feature. It is an ideal choice when you want a lightweight, minimal case. » iTattoo Snap Case for iPhone 4: Creative With The Apple Logo!

Sep 13

iPhone 4 Mod Apple Logo Light
The Apple logo is well known as the Glowing White logo on the back of the MacBook, but they never decided to create this style of the logo on the back of the iPhone. But dont worry, if you are looking for something like this dont look further. iPatch created a Mod for the iPhone 4 that lets your iPhone logo on the back glow every time your screen lights up. » iPhone 4 Rear Glowing Apple Logo Modification

Sep 02

HEX Code iPhone 4 Wallet
Hex created a new sleek and slim carrying solution for iPhone 4. “Each Code wallet has a custom molded phone bed for iPhone 4 with three useful card slots for credit cards.” “The Code wallet conveys a level of sophistication with a sleek look, while offering users a convenient carrying solution for credit cards, I.D. and iPhone,” says Dan Maravilla, Vice President of HEX. “We wanted to provide a slim design that would offer a unique yet high-fashion look, but still keep function and utility in mind. Instead of carrying everything separately, we’ve put it all in one place for quick access.” » HEX Code iPhone 4 Wallet

Aug 28

Jack Spade iPhone 4 Hard Case
More case options for your iPhone 4 courtesy of Jack Spade. These are hard cases for protection. Four patterns to style out your phone including woodgrain, book cloth, and Canal Street. As seen at (capsule) Las Vegas, these are available now through Jack Spade. » Jack Spade iPhone 4 Cases

Aug 24

Cheaper iPhone 4 8GB
Accoring to Apple Inc will release a cheaper iPhone 4 within weeks. “Asian suppliers have begun making a lower-cost version of the hot-selling smartphone with a smaller 8-gigabyte flash drive that will arrive around the same time Apple unveils its much-anticipated iPhone 5. two sources with knowledge of the matter told Reuters.” » Apple Suppliers Building Cheaper “8GB” iPhone 4

Aug 18

original gasket small
id America is a small New York-based case company that has some interesting cases. The
Gasket Brushed Aluminum Case integrates style to your phone. Precision-built to be light-weight and rigid the Gasket Brushed Aluminum Case brings out the race car driver in you, it resembles a head gasket on a car engine. » Gasket Brushed Aluminum Case: Unique Engine Design

Aug 16

Heat Sensitive iPhone 4 Backing
Enjoy seeing your phone change colors with this heat sensitive backing! This self-adhesive laser cut backing will change colors in the range 90 to 95 degrees F – or just below body temperature. At only .005″ thick, it will fit nicely under any bumper you put on your phone too. Scientifically proven to make your phone look SIX TIMES better than everyone elses. You can check the movie after the break. » Heat Sensitive iPhone 4 Backing

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