Nov 06

Its crazy, first they created Angry Birds Plushies, Angry Birds Wallpapers and Angry Birds Halloween Costumes, now they created Angry Birds Cases for the iPhone 4 made by Gear4. They will be on the market this month in three different colors “red, yellow and green” and will probably cost around $19,99. It is not sure if these cases can be found in a store near you, because till now we only know that the British operator O2 will sell them. » Angry Birds iPhone Cases Available Soon!

Oct 30

Are you afraid to lose your iPhone in dark places, well maybe Strapya World has the solution for you. They sell glow in the dark screen protecting sticker for the iPhone 4. For just $23,20 you can get the iGlowPhone which is available in 4 different colors: blue, green, red and orange and will protect the front, back and side of your iPhone.

Oct 28

A new unique case can be purchased from the webstore of Incase. Its a Ping Pong iPhone 4 case. You can purchase this unique lightweight case provides form-fitting protection and flex-fit construction for $29,95 and is available in black, green, blue and red.

Oct 26

We are already waiting for the white iPhone 4 for a long time and it looks like we need to wait even longer. Reuter reported that the white iPhone 4 is delayed until Spring 2011, which means it will be released only a view months before the iPhone 5 will be released. Are there still people who would like to purchase the white iPhone 4 if they need to wait that long? » White iPhone 4 Delayed Until Spring 2011

Oct 20

A video popped up on the internet showing the Earth from 19 miles up in the stratosphere shot with an iPhone 4. In the video you see the curvature of the earth and the blackness of space, which looks amazing. The iPhone came from a father and son from Brooklyn, New York who released a weather balloon 100,000 feet in the air to take a video of the Earth from space. » iPhone 4 In Space

Oct 18

iPhone 4 Metal Back
The iPhone 4 has a glass back, which looks pretty cool, but some people still prefer the metal back just like the first iPhone. Well “which is an OEM cellphone parts company from Hong Kong” is selling a nice silver/black high-tech looking metal back for your iPhone 4, which you can purchase for just $12,99. » Add A Metal Back To Your iPhone 4

Oct 10

The Dev-Team decided to delay the release of Greenpois0n because GeoHot just released Limera1n one day before the Dev-Team decided to release Greenpois0n. They delay the release of Greenpois0n because they don’t want to use the Shatter exploit anymore, but instead they will use the same exploit as GeoHot uses in Limera1n. They do this because they hope this way the SHAtter exploit “which only can be used for the A4 chip” can be used for the next gen iDevices as well. » Greenpois0n Delayed Because Of Limera1n Release [jailbreak]

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