Nov 22

reported, that Apple is replacing their original iPhone 4 screws with torx screws instead of the basic small screws. This screw is harder to unscrew because its an unusual 5 point torx “instead of the basic 6 point torx”. So why did Apple decide to use these torx screws? Are they out of normal screws, or are they trying to prevent people from replacing their normal “black” front and back panel with a white one? Or is there an other reason for this change. What do you think?

Nov 18

rage-iphone-game 2
Today id Software released the game RAGE which is made using the unreal engine. RAGE is a first person shooter game where you can move around by tilting your iDevice. Your mission is to kill all the mutants and collect money that’s spread in a nice looking 3D area, to get as many points as possible. This game is available for the iPhone, iPod Touch ($0,99) and iPad ($1,99). Movie and screenshots after the break. » Mutant iPhone Game Rage, Now In The App Store

Nov 16

Apple continues promoting the new iPhone 4, Apple’s latest iPhone 4 commercial focuses on battery life. Ofcourse they also make a point of saying iPhone 4 is “the world’s thinnest smartphone”. In the beginning Apple was promoting the iPhone with the slogan “there is an app for that”, but since the competition is catching up on apps Apple decided to invest heavily in battery technology. You can check the commercial after the break. » Apple iPhone 4 Battery Commercial

Nov 13

After the break you can see a movie about OpeniBoot on the iPhone 4 and iPad which enables Android OS on the A4 chip devices and will probably be available for us within a couple of weeks. Till now we don’t know if other devices are supported “such as the iPod Touch 4G”. » Android OS Dual-Boot On The iPhone 4 & iPad

Nov 10

Omnio created a keyboard specially created for your iPhone, its called the WOWKeys. It includes an actual iPhone dock and has 15 integrated iPhone hotkeys. It’s a $100 USB keyboard that you can use with your iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, and is compatible with Windows and Mac. While mounted on your keyboard you can of course still use the iPhone to control any number of other devices. » WOWKeys: iPhone Dock Integrated In Your Keyboard

Nov 10

white-iphone claims that they have received some tips that the White version of the iPhone 4 has been canceled. They say Apple decided to focus their attention on the upcoming iPhone 5 instead of the White iPhone 4. » Rumor: White iPhone 4 Has Been Canceled!

Nov 09

Some time ago we already informed you about this nice silver/black high-tech looking metal back for your iPhone 4 from Hong Kong, that you can purchase here for $13,99. In the video above you can see a YouTube user replacing the back of his iPhone 4 with a metal back.

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