Dec 31

There are tons of iPhone knockoffs but the SoPhone is probably the best iPhone knockoff till this day. The SoPhone has lots of features: “Multitasking”, search, and even moving “apps” into folders with drag-and-drop! It is an iPhone 4 knockoff and even includes a knockoff of Apple’s iOS software. Video and more specs after the break. » SoPhone Best iPhone 4 Knockoff Reviewed

Dec 10

On the basis of the bezel having a massive 8.5ct ‘IF’ flawless diamonds with a rear platinum and diamond Apple logo, the iPhone 4 HISTORY edition is the worlds 1st with a rear section structured from a 65 million year old T-REX tooth and meteoric stone. I have worked before with Dinosaur in the past but I wanted to go fierce on this one hence we sort a tooth, doesn’t come more fierce than that , we then splintered and shaved the tooth into the pre polished meteoric stone both of which were sort from Arizona in the US. Available as a limited edition of only 10 to be made. More information about this £39,995 iPhone 4 can be found here. » iPhone 4 History Edition: A £39,995 iPhone 4

Dec 05

9to5mac received an photo from an Apple Store with the message “The white iPhone will be available Spring 2011”. This will end the rumor that Apple killed the white iPhone and confirms that Apple is still working on the white iPhone 4 and will be released next year. See all the best deals on the new iphone 4 at phones4u today. » White iPhone 4 Finally Available Spring 2011?

Dec 02

360 panorama
360 Panorama is a realtime panorama creation for the iPhone and has just been updated to version 3.0. To celebrate the launch of version 3.0 the app is available for $0,99 today only, that’s 66% off. Capturing panoramas has never been easier! Just tap the screen and pan your phone camera in any direction. You’ll see your panorama being built in realtime as every incoming frame is processed. When you’re done, you can save and share your panorama instantly with no need to fumble around with a clumsy stitching process. » 360 Panorama For iPhone: Today Only For $0,99

Nov 28

Glif is a tripod mount & stand for your iPhone 4 that will cost you $20. Glif just opened their online store and started selling their tripod mount that you can use in multiple positions. Its small, has a simple design, and is elegant. Mount your iPhone 4 to the tripod in almost any position you want and start taking great pictures and movies or use it for hands free FaceTime. You can purchase this tripod on the Glif website. » The Glif: An iPhone 4 Stand & Tripod Mount

Nov 25

Trtl Bot
created a Multifunctional iPhone 4 Case that can also be used as a stand or wallet. There are two models to choose from, one will can be used as a hands free multimedia optimizer “iPhone stand” and one can be used as a wallet that can hold your creditcard. » Trtl Bot Cases: Multifunctional iPhone 4 Case

Nov 23

Incase created a Chrome Slider Case which is made of lightweight hardshell plastic with a mirror finish, features a minimal wall thickness of 1 mm and has a rubber guardrails which provide shock absorption. You can get this slide case for your iPhone 4 in 4 different colors including black, chrome, gloss and ink, for $34.95. » Chrome Slider Cases: iPhone 4 Case

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