Jul 18

Several users have been reporting a very sluggish firmware 2.0 interface. They have noticed this exceptionally well within the txt application, scrolling and the home screen. The users have noticed this with the iPhone V1 and iPhone 3G. Hit the read more button for some vids.
» iPhone firmware 2.0 slowness?

Jul 16

I’ve had some people asking me on how to take save pictures (photos) with safari on the new iPhone and iPod Touch firmware 2.0. This is actually a very easy. When you have found a picture that you’d like to save, just press and hold the image untill a new screen pops up with a request to save the image.
» How to save Safari Pictures Firmware 2.0 (iPhone, iPod Touch)

Jul 16

Funny iPhone 3G ad

iPhone 3G1 Comment »      Chris Eissens

RedLasso has put a very funny ad online from E! Entertainment. It shows us a guy in the same outfit as the well known iPhone tutorial guy on the iPhone 3G introduction movies. The movie twists the the truth a bit to the absurd but it’s still funny. Enjoy

» Funny iPhone 3G ad

Jul 16

WinPwn update.

iPhone 3G4 Comments »      Chris Eissens

CMW the developer from WinPwn who was asking for donations updated his blog. Again also here not much information except for the fact that CMW found a new exploit for iBoot. I’ll let you read the full blog entry after the break.
» WinPwn update.

Jul 15

According to The BoyGeniusReport firmare 2.0.1 is aleady being tested by Apple and AT&T since before the launch of the iPhone 3G. They claim this by a screenshot of their logs, where they show off the following references (It appears that AT&T and Apple are testing iPhone device software version 2.0.1, builds 5B101 (iPhone) and 5B103 (iPhone 3G).)
» iPhone firmware 2.0.1 in testing?

Jul 15

The iPhone dev-team has put an update on their blog, minutest before the timer of YiPhone will stop. They’ve added some comments + another video + screenshot of pwnagetool 2.0.
» iPhone Dev-Team (Pwnage tool 2.0 update)

Jul 15

Last year PC world stress tested the first gen iPhone. Now that the iPhone 3G is released, they do it all over again, but just that little tad harsher to the iPhone. I certainly wouldn’t do such torture to my iPhone? Check the vid’s after the break.
» Pc World Stress tests the iPhone 3G

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