Jul 27

The iPhone DevTeam have posted another entry on their blog, this time showing how they successfully downgraded the iPhone 3G’s baseband. This isn’t an unlock, but it’s definitely progress. Read more for the blog entry. » iPhone DevTeam successfully downgrades iPhone 3G baseband.

Jul 25

Apple has released a beta version of iPhone OS 2.1 to developers. Along with the 2.1 firmware, a new version of the iPhone SDK has been seeded as well, but the new SDK can’t be used for submitting applications to the App Store at the moment.
» iPhone 2.1 firmware beta in tess, new GPS features!

Jul 25

Today at the f8 conference Benjamin Ling revealed that Facebook will be releasing a Cocoa framework for the iPhone that will allow application developers to integrate with Facebook Connect. The framework is expected to be released sometime in the fall, and will take the form of an SDK that can be used by developers of iPhone applications. Facebook Connect allows applications to integrate the facebook platform and the identity of users into their own applications.
» App Store – Facebook Connect Coming To iPhone

Jul 25

I’m sure we all have seen Apple’s involvement with (PRODUCT) RED. For example, the iPod Nano and the iPod Shuffle have red versions as a part of this campaign, which help fight AIDS in Africa by giving (PRODUCT) RED a portion of the money made. » Red iPhone 3G coming?

Jul 23

Some users have been reporting that their A-GPS doesn’t always work. The forums of Apple are steadily increasing with complaints regarding the non-functioning of the iPhone 3G GPS. Some users have been testing and came to the following conclusions:
» Tip : iPhone 3G GPS problems? Kill 3G

Jul 20

The iPhone DevTeam have released the new PwnageTool that supports the new 2.0 firmware. Currently, it is for Macs only. To download it, go here. It supports both the first generation and 3G iPhone, although unlocking for the iPhone 3G is not yet available.

UPDATE: Apparently, Installer is not available with this version of PwnageTool. » PwnageTool 2.0 released; Macs only. *UPDATED*

Jul 19

George Hotz released a update on his blog. No it’s not YiPhone. He found the ramdisk code of the new firmware. In the KBAG section of the img3 files, you’ll find 0x20 bytes after the section header.
» GeoHot decrypted the RAMDISK

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