Aug 01

Apple is now providing registered iphone developers, daily statistics on how their apps are doing. This means they can daily check in and see how many downloads they have and how much money they’ve made. » Apple is now providing developers with daily download stats.

Jul 31

The iPhone is without doubt a magnificent phone. It is one of the best phones on the market. Despite whatever other blogs or people may say, it has changed the entire face of the cell phone industry. Although, there is still room for improvement. In this post ill detail 10 features we would like to see released in the iPhone firmware 2.1. » 10 features we would like to see in iPhone firmware 2.1

Jul 31

As we all well know Customize has been released in Cydia. SummerBoard, however, has yet to be released and this is what allows you to put images and video on the iphones springboard background through customize. Click the link to read on and learn how to use the theme browser. » Cydia- Customize

Jul 31

Yesterday apple posted the second beta of the iPhone 2.1 software to developers for testing. Some developers are reporting they have since recieved the tools from apple to create background apps. Apple told us it would not officially be released to devs until September. For a more detailed explanation of how the push notification works read on. » Apple seeds some developers tools for making background-notification apps.

Jul 31

Its only been a week since apple gave developers beta 1 of the iphone 2.1 firmware and now they have already released a second. The new version appears to have mainly bug fixes.
» Apple seeds second beta of iPhone 2.1 firmware to developers.

Jul 30

Picoli is a fairly new image editing iPhone application. It allows you to place one filter- such as making the picture brighter or sharper- one over another, which can become annoying. On the upside it works really well and can make up for the iPhones 2 megapixel camera. Once you are done editing you can save it back into your camera roll and delete the original if wanted.
» App Store – Picoli

Jul 29

RunKeeper is a upcoming App Store application. RunKeeper will allow you to do sports and track your activity. The application uses the built-in GPS of the iPhone 3G. (yes only iPhone 3G). the application uploads the data to their website and you can watch online your tracks via google maps. The application keeps track of altitude, speed and distance.
» App Store – RunKeeper

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