Feb 11

itagnationEarlier today i reported that the App Store has hit over 20.000 app’s and that most of these are actually not worth downloading or playing. Well today i found something new. A startup company called ICS Mobile is readying the release of their location-based iTag Live game for the iPhone. So what’s up with this game? Think about fragging in real life but not with a gun but with the iPhone Camera + GPS.
» iTag Live almost ready to be released on the iPhone

Feb 06

itunes-crashSome users have been reporting crashes of iTunes since the upgrade to firmware 2.2.1 for both the iPhone and iPod Touch. Apple has released a workaround for this. Hit the break to see the letter from Apple iTunes support.
» Firmware 2.2.1 iTunes crash fix

Feb 04

bitesms-deviceBiteSMS 3.0 has been released on beta on the official Cydia repository of BiteSMS. BiteSMS 3.0 is slowly becoming the de-facto replacement SMS stock application on your iPhone. It has a ton of features like, landscape SMS, Emoticons, links (http) recognition and so on. To top that all if you like to send cheap sms’es you can buy bunndle packs from the BiteSMS website for low rates. However, there’s a small thing that has been changed since the new release. The SMS application will no longer be free to use. Starting from 24 february 2009 you will have to pay a small fee to keep using it after your trial period has ended (20-days).
» BiteSMS 3.0 beta released. A ton of new functions! + no longer free!

Feb 03

stuffradar This new version is a free update to Synium’s popular media organizer for the iPhone and iPod touch. StuffRadar tracks your Music CDs, Movies, Books and Games. StufRadar finds the titles you own, and those you still want to buy. Everything, detailed information, personal rating and price is intuitively presented. StuffRadar also keeps track of items the user has borrowed or lent.
» App Store – StuffRadar 2

Jan 15

Apple iPodsNot too long after the release of the iPhone 3G, Apple Inc. produced the iPod Touch 2G. This version of the iPod Touch is supposed to have more iPhone-like features. For example, the volume controls with the built-in speakers. This is for having more fun with applications with sounds, and also casual listening. The difference, as you can tell from the title of the device, is the phone features, of course. Overall the iPod Touch 2G is the closest of the iPod family to be compared to a iPhone. Is the 2.0 software the MAIN part of the attraction of the iPhone 3G? Yes it is a great feature having the App Store, but the customers like the physical features of this Apple phone. The sleek round design calls for an OOO and a couple AWWs. Apple has also brought this design to the new iPod Touch. I personally think this is a great feel to the hand Your hand snugs the device so comfortably its amazing. Overall, if you want to compare the iPhone 3G and the iPod Touch 2G, there’s really no difference besides the fact the iPhone is a phone :) » iPhone 3G Vs. iPod Touch 2G

Jan 05

The picture to the Right May have been Doctored, But i want to know, “How Many E-Mails can the iPhone Support!?” So please send your Email photos to ahu125@gmail.com and if they are above 900 emails i will attach them to this post, along with your name (Optional), for all to see :) » How Many E-Mails can the iPhone Support!?

Dec 08

The $99 4GB iPhone 3G being sold at Wal-Mart rumor was false. However, there will be an iPhone 8GB being sold for $197 onĂ‚ December 28th. » iPhone being sold by Wal-Mart rumor

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