Jun 10

While listening to your music in the iPad’s terrific new Music app, you can swipe left or right on the album art to skip between tracks. Now you now longer have to tap to display the controls and navigate between tracks using the little buttons in the corner. » Swipe to Skip Tracks in iPad’s New Music App [iOS 5]

Jun 06

Sketch for iPad is probably one of the best drawing App for the iPad. Sketch for iPad is very simple of use, you can save your sketches as a PDF file, email them or even save them in iBooks. You can edit, delete or rename your sketches. You can download Sketch for the iPad in the App Store for $1,99. » Sketch: New Drawing App For The iPad

Jun 06

We have seen some amazing iOS 5 video concepts , but will Apple manage to keep the magic alive with iOS 5. We will know for sure in just a few hours, but according to this Exclusive Preview video, iOS 5 makes the iPad even more magical. You can check the movie after the break. » Exclusive Preview On iOS 5

Jun 02

Today, Newsy unveiled version 3.0 of its iPad app – offering a remarkable experience with drastically faster loading times and all new features including single tap sharing, new news ticker and push notifications. Recent winner of the Appy Award for ‘Best News App’ for the iPad, Newsy provides multisource news videos that highlight the key differences in reporting. Previous versions of its iPad, iPhone, and Android apps have been the highest rated video news apps available. » Newsy Unveils All New iPad App Version 3.0

May 23

Plant Explosion iPad Foxconn Chengdu
3 Days ago at around 19:00 in China, Foxconn Chengdu manufacture plant got an explosion, we are not sure actually what cause the explosion and how many casualties had resulted. At the scene, there are currently more than 10 fire engines, ambulances and 10 police cars had arrived on the scene. And, the explosion is happened in an operating room inside Foxconn. Video of the scene after the break. » Foxconn Chengdu Manufacture Plant Explosion! (videos)

May 20

The Lounge Case is the ideal solution for iPad users who demand both simplicity and versatility. Combining a hardshell case with a soft padded back, the Lounge case offers excellent protection and works as a stand virtually anywhere. There’s no need to fold, open, or secure any tabs or flaps. The padded back lets you instantly and easily adjust your iPad to the most comfortable viewing or working angle. It works great on a desk, table or counter. Even better you can set it in your lap while you relax in bed, on the couch, or in your favorite chair. After all, that’s why we called it the Lounge Case! » iPad Lounge Case By Incase

May 11

Today Apalon is announcing the availability of an updated version of Calculator Pro for iPad. The new version includes an additional Poker skin and a new way of browsing through available skins that were previously purchased by users. Furthermore, known issues have been fixed to provide every iPad user with a smoother experience. Calculator Pro for iPad quickly became popular on the App Store due to its simple concept and powerful functionality. It enabled users to do all the calculations, from basic to complex right on the iPad which was not properly made before. » Calculator Pro Updated To Enhance Functionality & Usability With The New Skin Preview Gallery

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