Apr 05

Noted on The Next Web, during his Talk Show podcast with Dan Benjamin, DaringFireball John Gruber offered up some additional confirmation of the existence of a 7.85″ iPad. “Gruber reports that he has been told by “numerous” people that this size iPad is something Apple has been “noodling with”. ” In the podcast Benjamin asked Gruber if he thought a 7.85″ iPad would ever be released, Gruber responded “I don’t know. What I do know is that they have one in the lab…“. » Apple Does Have a 7.85″ iPad In Their Labs?

Apr 02

A burglar broke into 8 year old Landon Crabtree familys house to get away with the familys iPad and a few other items. The family got insurance money for the lost goods but Landon was not happy with the idea that someone else is having his iPad and used Apples free Find my iPhone to recover the iPad. However, the iPad was not the only thing police found. » 8-Year-Old Used “Find My iPad” To Find Thiefs With $350,000 In Stolen Goods

Apr 01

There are tons of Tweet applications for the iPad but they all look similar. Crest for iPad ($1,99) will change the way we Tweet thanks to a new user interface with a timeline, a button to open up a tweet sheet, and several more advanced features like direct messaging, tweet quoting, translating and more. It looks cool and smooth but is it really that handy, the app has a plain black background with falling tiles of Twitter user profile pictures. A user taps the small icon and then that particular users tweet will popup. See video after the break. » Crest: New Way To View Tweets On Your iPad

Mar 22

Angry Birds Space has finally been released for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac. For the first time ever you will be launched into space to destroy worlds and kill the green pigs. Keep in mind that the game doesn’t come as a universal app but as separate apps for the iPhone, iPad and Mac. Angry Birds Space adds a whole new gameplay element. Gravity is very important in succeeding. But there’s more. » Angry Birds Space Available In The App Store Now

Mar 12

The demand of the new iPad ‘has been off the charts’ according to Apple. Pre-ordering online now will test your patience as shipping dates have slipped to 2-3 weeks. Previous shipping dates indicated March 19, most European Stores now show an estimated 2-3 weeks before shipping.

» Shipping dates iPad slipping to 2-3 weeks

Mar 12

Wordfeud is a well known word game. The game has only been available for the iPhone. Till now. In a few days the game will be available in the App Store. It won’t be a separate app, but an update to the existing one. So in a few days from now you will be able to play the game in fullscreen mode. Photos and additional information after the break.

» Wordfeud for iPad soon in the App Store

Feb 23

OnLive Desktop has been launched last month and is a service that provides a seamless, no-compromise, instant-response cloud-based PC desktop, wherever and whenever you want it. OnLive brings to your iPad a high-performance PC experience, regardless of the content, even when interacting with fast-action media.

Macrumors reported that: The company has now added Adobe Acrobat Reader support to the service and introduced a paid “Desktop Plus” subscription service to provide enhanced functionality including priority access and a Flash- and PDF-enabled browser experience. OnLive Desktop Plus is priced at $4.99 per month. » OnLive Launches Desktop Plus: With Flash & PDF-Enabled Web Browser

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