Apr 05

ipad hacked jailbrokenOnly 1 day after Apple released the iPad, @comex already hacked it. He uploaded a movie where he demonstrating that he has “root” access to the iPad, something that can only be done if the device is jailbroken. In the video he comments the iPad over an SSH terminal.

We are not sure what type of jailbreak method he used, but it is most likely he used a userland-jailbreak. (a jailbreak that can be done by simple opening a webpage on your iPhone browser “Mobile Safari”.) » iPad Jailbroken Within 24 Hours

Apr 04

ipad_launch_statsAnalysts predicted that well above the 200-300 thousand iPads will be sold on the first day Apple releases the iPad. But after yesterday one analyst says the number beat his previous expectations. Piper Jaffray Senior Research Analyst, Gene Munster said he believes Apple sold between 600-700 thousand iPads “including the pre-orders”. » Analyst: More Than 600 Thousand iPads Sold The First Day

Apr 04

iPad getting smashed by baseball batRemember all the videos of iPhones getting destroyed in all kind of different ways? Kids with to much money and time on their hands, hoping to get famous thanks to a video on YouTube. Well with the iPad it’s the same story all over again. The first video of a brand new iPad getting destroyed by a Baseball Bat is already uploaded on YouTube. » iPad Getting Smashed By A Baseball Bat

Apr 02

iPad Apps live in the iTunes store
Before you get your iPad tomorrow you can already purchase and download the iPad Apps you like, because Apple has just updated the iTunes App Store with iPad Apps. Are you curious to see what you can download for you iPad, go to the iPad section of the iTunes store here. » iPad Apps Available In The App Store Now!

Mar 26

geohot untethered jailbreak ipad iphone and ipodGeohot is an iPhone hacker and creator of blackra1n. Today he posted a movie showing an untethered jailbreak that supposed to work on all current tethered models, iPod touch G2, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch G3 and should probably also work on the iPad! We don’t know when this jailbreak will be available. (movie after the break). » Geohot Posted Movie Showing Untethered Jailbreak For iPhone, iPod and iPad! [jailbreak]

Mar 21

iPad_apps_hero-400x202Apple has emailed all developers to inform them that they could submit iPad Apps from now on. If you are a developer you should submit your iPad app by Saturday, March 27, 5PM PDT, if your app is accepted it will be featured in the Grand opening of the iPad App Store. » Apple Is Accepting iPad Apps!

Mar 16

dimond_iPadAre you someone with a lot of money on your hands and don’t know what to do with it? Would you like to spend it on something completely useless? Yes…. Well than you need to purchase the diamond iPad.

This useless iPad will be released on June 1, so you rich guys need to wait a little longer than the normal iPad buyers. When its time just pay $19,999 and you got your own iPad covered with 11.43 carats of diamonds. » Diamond iPad Available On June 1 For $19,999

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