Apr 27

Just a quick note to inform you that the iPad is a success. Chitika Labs estimates that the iPad has been sold over a Million times. On April 8th there where 564,257 units sold and just 2 weeks later its almost doubled. You can call that a success right? Not to mention a lot of people where skeptical about the iPad, but once again Apple is laughing last. » Chitika Labs: Over 1 Million iPads Sold

Apr 23

Virginia Campbell, a 99 year old woman from Lake Oswego loves reading and writing. Unfortunately she suffers from glaucoma, making reading increasingly difficult. But since her family bought her an Apple iPad she found her passion for reading again. Thanks to the brightness and contrast between the print and the page she can now read and write limericks again. She even wrote one about the iPad that you can read after the break. “Also a second movie after the break”. » 99 Year-Old Woman Can Read Again Thanks To The iPad

Apr 20

Bill Jordan recently purchased an iPad, but turned into a nightmare. It is stolen! Well that’s not the biggest nightmare for Bill Jordan because something else whas taken from him, his finger! Yea that’s right, the thief grabbed his shopping bag, tugging so hard that he took most of Jordan’s little finger with him. Doctors were unable to save the little finger. » Thief Steals iPad And Wounded The Owner.

Apr 10

GeoHot cracked the iPadGeorge Hotz “the real name of GeoHot” has posted some keys on his blog to proof he got full access to the iPad which means it was jailbroken. He posted the keys on the same day Apple released OS 4.0 “beta”. We also told you that @comex cracked the iPad 24 hours after the iPad was released thanks to the Spirit jailbreak. But GeoHot didn’t use the same jailbreak method than @comex did. » GeoHot Also Successfully Cracked The iPad [jailbreak]

Apr 08

MyPhoneDesktopMyPhoneDesktop created by jProductivity, can help you manage your iDevice on your desktop. You can drag and drop images to you iDevice, type long SMS messages or make phone calls directly from your desktop. Since version 1.2 its also possible to connect your iPad with you PC or Mac and the ability to Call and SMS via Skype. » MyPhoneDesktop: iPhone, iPod Or iPad On Your Desktop

Apr 06

story.wifi.ipad.giThe iPad is only a view days on the market and there are already tons of complains about iPads Wi-Fi, which is not connecting correctly. Some say they get a weak connection “even when they stand right in front of the router” and others cant connect at all.

Luckily this is not the case for all iPad users, so hopefully Apple will release an update to fix this Wi-Fi issue. » iPad Wi-Fi Problems Reported

Apr 06

ipad will it blendA lot of you have already seen the Blendtec video advert “iPhone: Will It Blend?”, but now they have created a new advert “iPad: Will It Blend?”. In these adverts they throw “in this case an iPad” in a blender created by BlendTec to show people the quality of the blenders they sell. So will it blend? That’s the question. Just take a look at the video after the break. » iPad: Will It Blend?

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