May 18

We know the iPad is a multifunctional futuristic device, right? But did you know it can be used to control a Blimp? Yes that’s right, the guys from breakfastny created a massive iPad controlled blimp with a build in camera. They used: BlimpDuino, Titanium and openFrameworks to control the Blimp using a iPad which received the live video-feed from the cockpit. To show their creation to the thousand guests, they flew the camera-enabled blimp over their heads at this year’s Design Week after-party. » Blimp Controlled By An iPad

May 15

iPad Video Stats
monitored online video around the Internet and found out that 26 percent of the movies on the web can be played on the iPad because these movies are encoded in H.264 or HTML 5. 26 percent doesn’t sound like that much but just a view months ago “in January” only 10% could be played on the iPad, that’s a pretty big growth. » 26% Of Web Videos Is iPad-Ready

May 10

The backgrounder tweak that enables multitasking on the iPhone, iPod and iPad just received a update that brings some new features and fixes.

  • added option to reset  settings to default values
  • added “minimize on toggle” option; disable to prevent current app from minimizing when enabling/disabling backgrounding
  • Fixed: in order to prevent blank enteries , modified the method used to determine which default overrides ( Phone, iPod, etc ) to set ( to test this , reset your preferences )
  • Fixed: iPad badge position. Badge origin is now relative to lower-left corner of icon, offset by ( -12, -21 ).
  • Mod: on iPad, prefs app now runs in iPad mode (portrait only)

Its still in beta mode, but can be downloaded via the repo » Backgrounder Updated

May 08

packaging_iPadApple just announced the international launch dates of the iPad. The iPad will be available in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the UK on Friday, May 28.

Unfortunately the people from Austria, Belgium, Hong Kong, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand and Singapore have to wait till July. Apple didn’t tell the exact date of the July launch but, its still a long time. Will you wait for the official international launch or will you order a iPad in the US? » iPad International Available On May 28

May 07

If you like skateboarding, buy a iPad! But make sure to reinforce it before you use it, just like the guys in the movie above. They bought a iPad, mounted a view wheels underneath it and there they go. Yes it didn’t work that well the first time but after some adjustments and reinforcement they could actually skate a little. But is it worth 500 bucks? I Don’t think so. » iPad SkateBoard, Will It Shred?

May 07

You have probably already seen some keyboards for the iPad or docks, right? Well ClamCase claims they will ship a “Laptop-Like” case later this year. It is created to protect the iPad, including a keyboard for heavy typing and got a movable screen so you can still use the iPad the normal way. It looks nice but is this what iPad users are looking for? Maybe they should upgrade it by adding an extended battery in this case for extra battery life. Are you interested in a product like this, tell us. They created a video of the Clamcase that you can see after the break. » Clamcase Laptop-Like iPad Dock

May 06

In the 180 seconds compilation above Steve Jobs explains what the iPad is. I guess its just a magical, wonderfull, pretty amazing, better, bigger, far better, amazing, great, amazing, bigger, incredible, larger, best, great, far better, awesome, best, magical and revolutionary product. Like Steve said.

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