Feb 14

CNN reported that a Georgia man “Ken Lemal” is claiming WalMart sold him a fake iPad and now the company won’t refund his money. He bought an iPad but came home with a “liePad”, everything is fake “as you can see in the movie after the break”. “This is obviously not a real iPad,” said Myles Foley, the Apple technician. “This looks to be a store display.” Lemal wants his money back and figures the only way to go about it now is a lawsuit. Check the news report “movie” after the break. » Man Claims Walmart Sold Fake iPad!

Feb 07

Motorola released a new Superbowl ad called  ‘Empower the People’. “Created by Anomaly New York, the ad entitled “Empower the People” is set in an Orwellian, 1984-esque world where technology – and people – are limited by restrictive platforms. Enter Motorola XOOM – the tablet to create a better world – and a new day with optimism, openness, freedom and empowerment.” Can this be a iPad killer? Check the ad after the break. » Empower The People: Aim At Apple’s Restrictive Platform

Feb 04

The Daily is a first-of-its-kind daily national news publication built exclusively as an application for tablet computing. It provides readers the engaging experience of a magazine combined with the immediacy of the web and the need-to-know content of a newspaper, all while elevating user experience beyond the printed word. The Daily is a subscription-based news product, published 365 days a year, at the cost of $0.99 cents a week or $39.99 a year. » The Daily iPad App Now In The App Store!

Jan 27

Apple released a new iPad commercial, called the iPad is Iconic. From Hollywood to the classroom, the iPad now has over 60,000 apps for just about everyone and everything.

Jan 21

Macrumors published this picture above which provides some interesting information, it shows 3 new icons for a front facing camera as well as the Apple Camera App and Photo Booth App. These new icons has been found in the new iOS 4.3 Beta 2 that Apple just released, which confirms the next generation iPad will include an camera. » FaceTime, Camera and PhotoBooth Icons Confirm Camera in iPad 2

Jan 17

We are still waiting for the iPad 2 to be unveiled, but a new iPad case for the next gen iPad has already been found and shows some interesting holes. In the picture above you can see two new holes, one in the upper left and the another in the upper-middle. What are they for? MICgadget thinks the upper-middle hole could be made for HDMI or mini-HDMI port, and the upper-left hole is for SD card slot. » iPad 2 Case Comes With Two New Holes

Jan 14

Gizmodo discovered a new feature in the iOS 4.3 beta 1 which enables Four and five finger multi-touch support for the iPad. In the movie above you can see it in action. “Each of the new gestures can be done with either four or five fingers—your choice—and they all work smoothly. A pinch brings you to the Home Screen, a swipe up or down reveals and hides the multitasking bar, and swipes left or right allow you to switch between apps.”. » New Multitasking Gestures On iPad iOS 4.3

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