Mar 20

Amazing record sales for the new iPad. Apple announced the third generation iPad has sold more than 3 million units in just four days. In 2010 it took Apple 80 days to sell 3 million of the original iPads. During the first 12 hours after the official launch the Apple Store at Fifth Avenue in New York sold a staggering 13.000 iPads. That’s 18 units per minute.In other Apple Stores these numbers were less impressive, but still very good.

» Record sales for third generation iPad: 3 million units in four days!

Mar 18

Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy was released on Friday, March 16. The game is very cool and intuitive and easy to control. There’s a lot of levels to play and even multiplayer online. Below is a gameplay video of the game to show you a little bit more of the graphics of the game. You’ll also see some of the weapons, flares, tracking system and a lot of action high in the sky. » Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy gameplay video

Mar 17

The new iPad’s biggest new feature is ofcourse the Retina Display. With a resolution of 2048 x 1536 the screen of the iPad is truly remarkable. And you want to take full advantage of it ofcourse. With a new iPad there’s also a list of new games. Or in this case a list of games that have been transformed into retina quality games. Ranging from Infinity Blade 2 to Tractor Beam, take a look at the list below displaying 18 retina ready game.

» List of retina ready iPad games

Mar 17

MuscleNerd is a well known jailbreaker and he has once again shown his face on Twitter. He claims to have jailbroken the new iPad. The third generation has only been available for a day, but jailbreaking the device has been successful. Don’t get your hopes up too high though. MuscleNerd says there’s still al lot of work to do before the jailbreak will be publicly available. He doesn’t know when, but it can’t be too long from now.

Mar 16

Remember the keynote on March 7? You probably do. Then you will also remember there were two demos of two games. One is the new part in the Infinity Blade universe: Infinity Blade Dungeons. The other is called Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy. The latter has just been released in the App Store. Grab your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and press the buy button to start downloading this impressive game.

Video and full synopsis after the break.

» Keynote featured Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy now in the App Store

Mar 16

Thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people have been waiting in line today. All for the new iPad. Estimates show Apple will most likely sell more than a million iPads today. Seth Weintraub, form 9to5mac, posted a couple of videos today, showing the people waiting in line for the new iPad. Are you going to buy the new iPad?

» The new iPad has launched!!!

Mar 15

What do Macworld, The Verge, Techcrunch, LoopInsight, AllThingsD and NewYork Times have in common? Well they got their hands on the new iPad and released reviews today, some including videos.

Macworld (+ video):

– Text in most apps will automatically take advantage of Retina display, though with some exceptions (Kindle App) 
– “The third-generation iPad had a frame rate 1.6 times that of the iPad 2” 
– 3rd Gen iPad almost identical physically to iPad 2 
– Video quality of 1080p video recorded was “very good” even in low light 
– “AT&T’s LTE network in San Francisco was impressive.” with 14.5Mbps/20.6Mbps download and upload rates. 

Macworld video and other review tidbits after the break. » First New iPad reviews are coming in

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